Since day one This Works has been built on the founding principle of equality and sought to operate without prejudice; in our workplace and through the products we create.

We are committed to supporting the most underrepresented and vulnerable members of our community through our work with charities such as Shelter & The Beauty Banks – organisations that provide tangible advice and support. As a brand we use our voice to talk about issues such as body confidence, stress and mental health believing that having a brand voice and platform is a privilege and with privilege comes responsibility.

Without Artifice: We believe in being straightforward, honest and real. We do not make false promises and we think that creating intelligent products that deliver on their promise is more important than jumping on the latest bandwagon.

Results Driven: We are not satisfied with anything less than exceptional results. Our formulas work because of the high concentration, quality & combination of the natural actives and we have won multiple awards to prove it! Click for more information on our awards and testimonials.

Socially responsible: At This Works it has to be good for you and good for the world. We do not use unnecessary chemicals in our formulations including: phthalates, sulphates, synthetic colours and fragrance, parabens, GMOs, mineral oils, petrolatum, propylene glycol.

our commitment to equality, diversity and advocacy

As a skincare company with a global and diverse customer base we are committed to:
  • Ongoing reviews of our corporate practices
  • Adding our voice to public debate where it is in support of our staff, our customers and our brand values
  • Operating our business with transparency and accountability We will not get everything right all of the time but we will do our best and it is right that we hold ourselves to account
June 2020


We have always been and always will be an equal opportunities employer. We will continue to benchmark our diversity and inclusion and these figures will be updated every 6 months. We are working on a program of internal training on unconscious bias, anti-racism, conscious allyship, and diversity recruiting.


We recognize our position of privilege and are committed to using it to benefit the world around us. We will continue to work with select partners on providing advice and support to the most vulnerable of our community. We will publicly voice our support for the causes and movements that are important to our brand values and our employees.


We will continue to develop products that are of service to all - regardless of ethnicity or gender. We will work harder to ensure that each touchpoint of our marketing is representational and inclusive – internally reviewing our visuals, language and tone and externally holding our agency partners to account on broadening our contact lists and paid outreach programs.


We have always operated with 100% transparency when it comes to our formulations and moving forwards we will be happy to share information relating to our staffing, communications outreach & paid partnerships as appropriate. We will not get everything right all of the time but we will do our best and are happy to be held account.

our commitment to supporting our community

donating to Shelter 

Housing and homelessness charity SHELTER* has been our charity partner since 2017 and works to help those in need of a safe place to call home - a service that has seen a sharp increase in calls in the last months. For every sale of our bestelling 250ml deep sleep pillow spray we have been donating £1 to SHELTER and will continue to support them in this way on-going. If you’d like to, and are able to, give please visit their website ( for more information.

product donations 

With stockpiling becoming an ongoing issue throughout the Covid pandemic, and rising concern for the availability of products, local food banks have been struggling for donations. One area that’s been badly hit? Personal hygiene. Keen to rectify this we have been donating both soap and shower gel to food banks and beauty banks. If you can, or are able to, please do the same! You can find lists of what’s needed on the local websites.

NHS discount 

Work for the NHS? You’re our hero and we thank you! All NHS employees are eligible for a 30% discount on our products, offering what we hope are some welcome comforts at the end of long days and longer nights. We will also be working directly with organisations delivering hygiene products to NHS workers directly and will share updates as we have them.

a friendly voice in a

time of need 

Our Customer Service line is always ready for a chat – of any kind. Living through a pandemic can be especially difficult if you are alone or away from your loved ones, if you’re looking for someone to lend an ear, our team are ready to listen or chat.