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During the lockdown we quickly identified the impact that the ongoing pandemic was having on peoples’ sleep patterns, and when news reports of disturbed sleep also started to emerge, we wanted to learn more. We ran a survey with 1,400 of our customers to understand how sleep has been affected in the last few months and, while it’s no surprise that so many of us are feeling the effects of these unusual times on our sleep patterns, there’s no reason they can’t be helped. Take a look at the results and find each one paired with a sleep solution to help.


during lockdown 54% had a more broken sleep*

Broken sleep can be the result of any number of things – noise, bad dreams or even family members – without the added stress of 2020 on your mind. Thanks to sleep plus pillow spray, this doesn’t have to stay a nightly frustration. Our award-winning fragrance of Lavender, Camomile and Vetivert is encapsulated in the spray and released via motion-activated technology continuously throughout the night to support longer, less interrupted rest.


40% reported a bad or terrible sleep & 29% took longer to fall asleep*

If you find yourself lying in bed exhausted but unable to go off – you’re not alone. A tense mind can find it hard to banish negative or spiralling thoughts when you should be switching off for sleep. Get in the right headspace with deep sleep pillow spray, a 99% natural sleep aid including Deep Sleep Superblend which is clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster. Alternatively, switch off your devices and head to bed earlier with love sleep pillow spray, specially formulated to encourage intimacy and help you connect with your partner before restful sleep.


52% felt more tired throughout the day during lockdown *

There are few things more frustrating than a terrible night’s sleep and many are experiencing them now more than before lockdown. Dialling up your evening and bedtime routine could be the solution. Why not try sleep together pillow spray, a household spray designed for use in the evenings to help the whole family relax and unwind before heading to bed. You could also build some other members of the Deep Sleep family into your nightly routine such as deep sleep heavenly candle, deep sleep bath oil or deep sleep body cocoon to create a calming ritual for self-care.


50% of you are more stressed & 65% are more anxious*

Stress can both fuel, or be the result of, a bad night’s sleep, so breaking the cycle can feel a hard thing to do. Pairing helpful sleep aids with calming solutions can make for a stress-busting routine that tackles it head on. Stress Check is our range of holistic skincare that also combats stress – a Superblend of refreshing Eucalyptus to cleanse and fight fatigue, Frankincense to aid relaxation and Lavender Oil to help hypertension, nervous tension and insomnia. Try stress check breathe in, a roller ball fragrance, as an introduction to the range and for an instant tool for relaxation, on-hand when you need it most.


*Survey of 1,437 UK residents from This Works email database, conducted on in August 2020.

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