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New Love Sleep Collection

mind the intimacy gap

As experts in the field of sleep and wellbeing, we have introduced the Love Sleep range, a series of bedroom solutions designed to enhance levels of relaxation and encourage intimacy. Intimacy and sexual wellbeing may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to self-care, but the health benefits speak for themselves. Sex and touch are triggers of oxytocin (your love hormone) which is known to help physical and psychological conditions and lower cortisol (your stress hormone). Plus, both women and men experience deeper sleep after sexual intimacy.

We recently undertook a national study with the UK population which showed that whilst 82% of Britons consider intimacy an essential part of a successful relationship, more than half would like to enjoy more sex than they currently have. Over half of Britons admitted that a device – whether it be a smartphone or TV screen – is the last thing they see before they close their eyes at night. Read our Love Sleep report >> It was insights such as these that inspired us to create the Love Sleep range, which includes our newest functional fragrance with Ylang Ylang & Patchouli. When independently trialled during a functional MRI (fMRI) brain scan study the Love Sleep fragrance was seen to positively affect specific regions of the brain intimately associated with reward and sensory signals modulation.

What does this mean for Love Sleep? It means real results that help pave the way to intimacy and a better night’s sleep... Did we mention we also cast real couples for our campaign? Because when it comes to sex and intimacy, no one wants to fake it. Watch our campaign video now:

Love Sleep

NEW Love Sleep collection

love sleep pillow spray

love sleep bedroom blend
love sleep breathe in
love sleep seduction candle

meet Kate Moyle

Kate Moyle

We have teamed with Kate Moyle - psychosexual & relationship therapist, to create a list of tips to improve intimacy in any relationship:

1. Communication is lubrication. Talk about intimacy outside of the bedroom, talk about times that you really enjoyed and focus on the positives.

2. Prioritise time together and invest time. You have to do this, it’s not going to prioritise itself!


3. Have more mindful sex. Focus your attention, play with the five senses.


4. Be playful. Sex is basically the adult form of play – ignite the spark with lovesleep pleasure seeker kit.


the love series

There is no prescription or ‘right’ amount of time for a couple to invest in intimacy. It’s about finding a happy medium that works for you both. The most common understanding is that rarely are couples perfectly matched in terms of sexual desire and wants, their needs are different and so it’s about the negotiation between them.

That said we have a sneaking suspicion that from time to time the pressures and routines of our daily lives are causing serious interruptions to our bedroom lives and that there are times when ‘I’m too tired’, or ‘one more episode on Netflix’ can become our default with the potential to leave our partners feeling left out in the cold.

We invited three couples to take an hour out of their day and asked them a series of increasingly nosy questions in a bid to help them spot their own intimacy gaps. This is Riyadh & Josh's story.

Love Sleep