There was a time in the nineties or noughties when it was “decided” by wedding industry folk that all brides should be thin and lose weight for their big day. Cue decades in which engaged people everywhere embarked on pre-wedding regimes and drastic diets before ‘saying yes to the dress’ and frightening catchphrases like ‘wed shred’ appeared in bridal lexicon.
Well thankfully, that grim era (which did nothing for our sense of self-confidence on what is supposed to be one of the best and most important days of our lives) is well and truly caput. Increasingly, modern brides and grooms just want to look and feel themselves and are leaning into feeling more comfortable in their skin on their wedding day. Weddings are no longer one size fits all. The bridal landscape has shifted post-Covid, too – with more engaged couples wanting to break with tradition in terms of formats (hello micro weddings) and dress codes (hello micro minis) – opting for outfits and venues that express their true selves and not just an unachievable ideal of bridal perfection. In terms of fashion, this has meant a rise in colour, casual outfits, and finally a boom in bridal confidence.
Speaking of bridal confidence, This Works Perfect bodycare has long been a favourite of brides, grooms, and in the kit of bridal make-up artists. Tried and tested at many a wedding, our Perfect range is formulated to provide bridal parties and guests with instant body confidence and smoother, healthier-looking skin that lasts all day. Our targeted perfect cleavage & neck serum and perfect legs gradual tan has been formulated with natural active ingredients to increase hydration and skin softness while adding an instant polish or caramel tint to the skin, making them the perfect choice for blushing brides. 
Our award-winning tanning serum, perfect legs skin miracle, is a must-have for bridesmaids, grooms and wedding guests alike thanks to its instant skin-transforming benefits. It melts onto the skin just like a moisturiser to give skin a subtle warm glow using Natural Caramel and washes off in the shower at the end of the day, meaning you can strategically apply it to any part of the body you have on show. If you’re in a bridal party or travelling to a wedding, you’re probably quite busy during the big-day build-up and a complicated, hit-or-miss fake tan routine is the last thing on your to-do list. This fuss-free solution gives skin a just-got-back-from-holiday tan in just a couple of minutes and uses Arnica to even tone and improve the appearance of bruises and scars – just leave it to dry before getting dressed and you’re good to go. We recommend the bride stick to perfect legs gradual tan leading up to the day to avoid any type of tan transferring onto THE dress and pack perfect legs skin miracle in your suitcase for an instant minimoon tan.
The time, money and effort spent on a wedding day (no matter how low or high key you go) can make weddings stressful for everyone involved. Our Perfect bodycare range is formulated with fMRI tested uplifting essential oils to not only boost your skin but your mood too.  Geranium & Sweet Orange essential oils are used in our perfect legs body butter and perfect legs 100% natural scrub to nourish the skin and put the spring back in your step as you approach the big day, making them the perfect choice for stressed-out brides, grooms and of course, their mothers. If you’re looking for extra tips on how to calm your mind and body ahead of your nuptials, simple stress-relieving breathwork techniques are a quick yet effective way for you to slow things down and settle your nerves. We’ve shared some science-backed breathwork practices here. 
Do you prefer to take your showers in the evening? Prepare for sleep with a warm shower or bath using our deep sleep shower gel. Formulated with our award-winning, natural Superblend of Lavender, Camomile and Vetivert to calm both mind and body and soothe you to sleep. Inhale the clinically proven scent as you cleanse the body and prepare for a peaceful night’s beauty sleep. 
Sometimes, mothers can be overlooked on wedding days, but if there is anyone who deserves pampering as much as the bride, it’s the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom. Make sure your mum looks and feels her best on what is probably one of the proudest days of her life with our youth-boosting active formulas. Perfect legs skin miracle is loved by women for its anti-inflammatory and skin-protecting properties that leave skin looking tanned, radiant, healthy, and glowing. Vitamin C, E, and Arnica even tone, improve the appearance of spider veins, age spots, bruises, and blemishes for younger-looking skin she’ll feel amazing in. If your mum is self-conscious about crepey skin or sun damage, perfect cleavage & neck serum is a powerful treatment for fine lines, sagging skin, and uneven tone. Larch Extract provides an instant tightening effect whilst Vitamin C-rich Marine Algae and Hyaluronic Acid soothe and smooth. 
Give your bouquet-tossing (or catching!) biceps some self-care. Perfect legs body butter uses Hemp Extract, Hyaluronic Acid and Shea Butter to deeply-moisturise skin from top-to-toe and leave it looking and feeling healthy, nourished and smooth. It’s a 98% natural vegan formula with an fMRI-tested mood-boosting Functional Fragrance and works as a nice touch for bridesmaids and brides to share whilst getting ready, or as thank-you favours for your most important girl gang. Looking to build the ultimate beauty box to gift your maid of honour or bridesmaids? We recommend our prep & glow kit to help them get pedi-ready and restore their glow with a pocket-sized, deeply nourishing perfect heels rescue balm and perfect legs skin miracle. If you want your favourite ladies to get their best beauty sleep before the big day, our bestselling, multi-award-winning sleep plus pillow spray will help them fall asleep faster and have a less-disturbed night so they wake up feeling fresh and ready to take on their all-important duties!
No wedding day beauty kit would be complete without our world-renowned all-in-one mask, moisturiser and primer. In transit camera close-up is loved by celebrities, make-up artists, influencers and beauty enthusiasts everywhere for its ability to instantly minimise pores, smooth fine lines, and create a flawless-looking base for long-lasting make-up. Perfect for brides, mothers, bridesmaids, and guests, it preps skin texture for make-up and reduces redness with Bio-Boost, Hyaluronic Acid and Caffeine as well as an ethically sourced blurring powder that means you can actually apply less make-up to achieve a beautiful finish.  
Build your perfect big-day bridal beauty kit with our Perfect bodycare range and In Transit collection.