With the glorious sunshine continuing, we are relishing the days out and balmy evenings spent with friends and family. But at the end of a day in the warm sun, we know that sometimes a sleepless night can follow. Make the most of hotter days without worrying about a restless night thanks to our Deep Sleep saviours and our expert tips.

What the sleep experts say
Sleep is essential not only for good health and well-being but also for survival. Just one night of lost sleep can have a negative impact on both physical and mental well-being. High temperatures in the bedroom (above 22 degrees) can cause restlessness, ideally the temperature of your room should mirror your biological rhythm - decreasing during the evening and increasing in the early morning. So if you've felt sleep deprived lately, this could be the reason!

Our top tips for sleeping in the heat:
keep clothing cool
Wearing light cotton nightwear can actually be better than wearing nothing at all (although we wouldn't judge), as natural fabrics will absorb any perspiration. We'd even recommend putting your socks in the fridge or freezer before settling down for bed as it helps to regulate the temperature of your body, leaving you and your feet feeling cooler and allowing you to sleep more soundly.
eat a light dinner
Eating a heavy meal (especially carbohydrate-heavy) before bed can create extra heat as your body tries to burn it off. This is why you should eat more earlier in the day in order to have a lighter meal at dinner, making salad a great choice.
keep the heat out
Trust us, we love natural light as much as you do. However, keeping curtains and blinds open throughout the day means that the warm direct sunlight can heat up your room, try closing them before the sun gets too hot to create a cooler atmosphere when you go to bed.
spritz deep sleep pillow spray

Opening the window or using a fan may seem like obvious choices for cooling down, but with these comes added noise that can make it tricky to fall asleep. Our solution: deep sleep pillow spray. Our award-winning pillow spray contains our Deep Sleep functional fragrance with Lavender, Vetivert and Camomile which is proven through fMRI brain imaging technology to help you fall asleep faster and wake feeling more refreshed.

89% fell asleep faster*
*In a study of 100 subjects and 100 ex-prescription users compared to no product.
...or try sleep plus pillow spray

Humidity, sunburn or prickly heat...whatever the issue can make falling asleep and sleeping through much harder to achieve, so being proactive is key. Enjoy a longer, less interupted sleep by misting our award-winning sleep plus pillow spray as you get into bed, or during moments of tossing and turning and let it gradually release throughout the night.

94% had a less disturbed sleep*
*In a 7 day user study of 100 subjects (aged 18+) with self-diagnosed sleep issues compared to a placebo.