When it comes to body care, we like to get deep and meaningful. After all, body appreciation is something we at This Works have been cheerleading and actively ritualising for over 20 years, particularly through one of our longest-standing, best-loved products: skin deep dry leg oil. This ultra-luxurious, skin-nurturing oil has been improving the skin health of women of all ages for over two decades while simultaneously helping them sustain a compassionate and deep relationship with the skin they’re in, earning it #IYKYK (if you know, you know) status among fans.
Powered by 19 exquisite natural botanical oils, six of which are cold-pressed, its high omega content and antioxidant properties work to rebuild the lipid barrier and increase skin resilience to diminish visible signs of ageing over time, locking in moisture and instantly transforming skin texture, leaving it supple, healthy-looking and radiant. In a world full of fast beauty fads and endless new products, skin deep dry leg oil is the long-term love affair our customers have held for 20 years. Now that’s commitment. For our latest campaign, we turned to the real women who really use (and love) skin deep dry leg oil because who better to model its benefits than the women who have experienced them firsthand?
This autumn, the This Works sisterhood of real women celebrates all their bodies do and have done for them, by loving their skin deeply with skin deep dry leg oil. Fronting our ‘love your skin deeply’ campaign, This Works is proud to celebrate Anna (This Works CEO), Seema (This Works COO/CFO), Mithra (This Works Ambassador) and Helen (This Works Creative Collaborator and Independent Entrepreneur).

We are so proud of our campaign ambassadors, who are real women with complex lives, and beautifully showcased what a lifelong love affair with your body looks like. A steadfast companion through ever-evolving lives and skin and bodycare needs, this lovely group has over 35 years use of skin deep dry leg oil combined. 

good things come in recyclable packages

At This Works, we’re always looking at ways to improve, innovate and bring you more of the science-backed skin solutions you love. Your feedback is important to us, and while we know our customers have loved skin deep dry leg oil award-winning formula for 20 years, we listened to the comments we received on its packaging and made a few changes. While our formula remains the same, we have repackaged it into a more sustainable bottle, which is now 100% recyclable (just pop it in your usual household plastics recycling!). We have also increased the fill size by 25%, so you can enjoy the benefits of this skin-transforming blend for longer. 

same product, different problems

It’s rare to find a skincare product that grows with you. When entering and exiting menopause, our skin changes dramatically; Ceramide levels in the stratum corneum drop off, meaning overall hydration and skin resilience is affected, hormone fluctuations can cause breakouts and maintaining the integrity of the lipid barrier diminishes, leaving skin uncomfortable, patchy and dry.
Skin deep dry leg oil, our ultra-luxurious and skin-nurturing blend of botanical oils, comes into its own in this phase of your life; specifically chosen to support and enhance the skin’s natural lipid barrier without causing congestion or outbreaks, our Superblend of natural oils, which include Evening Primrose, Tuberose and Sandalwood contains the long chain Fatty Acids, Ceramides and Omegas that your skin needs to lock in moisture and counteract menopausal changes. A daily or nightly massage with this lightweight, non-greasy, super absorbent oil encourages moments of body compassion, whatever life throws at you.

the long-term love affair with your skin

We don’t believe that body compassion is something that should be reserved for the summer months alone. While protecting your legs and up-sheening your skin on show for the sunnier months is something our award-winning Perfect range supports, This Works’ Skin Deep champions a year-round approach to body care that upholds skin health and cultivates a compassionate and nurturing relationship with the entire body, not just the legs. It's this deep relationship with your skin, the body’s biggest organ, that is key to achieving long-lasting skin health. This year, we set out to rebalance perspectives and help people celebrate every body perfectly with skin-nurturing moments that help shift the focus away from a perfect-looking body and toward treating yours perfectly.  
Do you prefer to take your showers in the evening? Prepare for sleep with a warm shower or bath using our deep sleep shower gel. Formulated with our award-winning, natural Superblend of Lavender, Camomile and Vetivert to calm both mind and body and soothe you to sleep. Inhale the clinically proven scent as you cleanse the body and prepare for a peaceful night’s beauty sleep. 

goes well with...

Perfect legs skin miracle is an award-winning tinted serum that adds a subtle warmth and instant glow to skin using Natural Caramel that washes off at the end of the day. It can be applied to any areas you have on show - not just the legs - and emits the complicated fake tan routine which many busy people don’t have time for. It uses powerful natural actives you’d find in skincare, like Arnica, Vitamin C and E, to help reduce redness and improve the appearance of (but not cover up) blemishes that may be making you feel self-conscious. It’s a natural, simple way to take a little time to thank your legs and body with a sunkissed boost that enhances your beautiful skin and growing confidence.