As part of our Perfect for Me campaign, we chatted to Lauren Baird about our relationship with our bodies. Lauren is an accredited trauma psychotherapist, working in the NHS & in private practice. Lauren's successful career in therapy was inspired by her own difficulties with mental health as during her teens she struggled with anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder. Lauren’s Instagram page @innerglowtherapy has built a community of over 33,000 people & she posts psychoeducation about trauma and the mind body connection. In this blog Lauren breaks down body neutrality and together we explore hints and tips to start your journey to body acceptance.

the body positivity movement has... moved on

As a brand passionate about women's wellness we love Lauren's message of body compassion and neutrality over outright positivity. Because let's face it, being told to love our body is much easier said than done.

"This movement is for those who find that loving their body brings up more shame, and instead wish to find peace with their bodies."

what is body neutrality?

"Body positivity and body neutrality are on a scale – we might move between both, or we might land more naturally on one, than the other – and this is okay, really it’s about what works best for you.

Body positivity is acceptance of all body types, embracing and loving our body, rejecting diet culture, and having a positive body image no matter whether we fit society's ideals.

Body neutrality is moving away from a belief system that our body equals our worth and instead being more accepting of it. When we are more accepting of our body, and don’t place so much pressure on ourselves for how it looks and meeting ourselves with compassion, we can access improved results in things like body image. 

When we’re not caught up in how our body looks and seeing our body as an improvement project, we can connect to what’s important to us and enjoy our bodies for their function. For example, we find movement as a way of connecting with the joy of dance and movement, rather than trying to change our body."

tools to practice body neutrality

Lauren gives us hints and tips to help us practice body neutrality.

personal experience


Lauren shares her struggles with body compassion and her personal journey to body neutrality.

a final thought from Lauren


For more wellbeing and mental health advice from Lauren, be sure to look out for her Nurturing your Nervous System ECourse coming out in September!