Evening Detox

City life, busy life, polluted life. Spend just one day in an urban metropolis or on the road and you’ll notice the negative effects on your complexion. At a cellular level microscopic pollution particles can infiltrate the cracks between the cells of the epidermis, where they disintegrate to cause free radical damage to the surrounding cells. The visible result? Dull skin, Inflammation, sensitised skin, urban acne, clogged pores and ultimately accelerated ageing.

Introducing This Works’ new franchise Evening Detox – nightly natural essentials for optimal skin recovery, providing resilience to the damaging effects of pollution.

In synergy with the skin’s internal body clock, this 3-step range of naturally effective anti-pollution skincare rejuvenates pollution exposed skin and boosts overnight detoxification - resulting in a clean and radiant, younger looking complexion.

Go Green with evening detox clay mask.

For skin in need of a naturally deeper clean brush on this hard-working, detoxifying mask over freshly cleansed skin. Best used once or twice weekly it will revitalise dull, oily skin exposed to pollutants, toxins or city grime. It purifies pores, prevents premature ageing as well as strengthening it against the toxins it may encounter the next day. You’ll notice it’s bright green! That’s down to natural mineral extract Malachite, rich in trace elements, copper and a powerful anti-oxidant. 100% natural Kaolin clay gently but efficiently absorbs excess oil. Not to be forgotten are the multi-fruit acids and amino acids, which gently but rapidly exfoliate and refine the skin for a smoother more radiant complexion, minimise pore visibility, and leave skin matte and blemish free.

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Evening Detox