As part of our Dream by This Works campaign, we bring you a series of blogs in collaboration with Lauren Baird, an accredited trauma psychotherapist. At This Works, we know that sleep is the bedrock of mental and physical health and after working with Lauren on our Perfect for Me campaign we knew that we weren’t done tapping into her extensive knowledge. 

what is emotional regulation?

Here Lauren sets the scene and explains our topic of the week: emotional regulation


why is emotional regulation important?

Emotional regulation is an important tool for our mental wellbeing allowing us to be more compassionate with ourselves, however, not all of us have been taught this skill.


what is the window of tolerance?

You have probably heard Lauren reference the window of tolerance- but what actually is it? And what happens when we leave our window of tolerance?


react or respond?

When we are unable to manage our emotions, our brain goes into a state of dysregulation causing us to react to situations, not respond.

In this video Lauren explains why this happens and the difference between discomfort and dysregulation.


top tips

Lauren shares her top tips to get you started on your emotional regulation journey.


how to cope with anger overwhelm

Sometimes our emotions, particularly anger, can feel overwhelming. Listen to Lauren explain one tool to help with anger overwhelm.


and breathe….

If you’re a fan of our wellness hub you’ll know that we advocate for stress-relieving breathing techniques. Here Lauren talks about the use of breath to help manage your emotions.


sleep on it

There's a reason why we get told to ‘sleep on it’. Lauren opens our discussion on how sleep can affect our emotional regulation.

Don’t worry there’s lots more on this topic later.


a final message from Lauren for fellow caregivers


Want to hear more from Lauren?

Be sure to visit her website or sign up to her course: Nurture your nervous system. 


Lauren’s reading list

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