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getting the nation back to sleep

The effects of a good night’s rest are plentiful and so by getting the sleep you deserve, you’ll soon be sure to reap the stress-busting, glow-boosting rewards. So, in a year as turbulent as 2020 has been – in the uncertain wake of Brexit, an ongoing global pandemic and social movements – we know getting your 8 hours is more important (and more difficult) than ever. It’s time to restore normality to night-time, say goodbye to stress and take back control of a good night’s sleep – with a little help from us.

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the importance of intimacy

Not long ago - before the birth of the smartphone - the bedroom was a place for physical connections, relaxation and sleep. But now, in our increasingly digital world, the bedroom sees more scrolling than sex.

sleep and your skin

It doesn’t take long for sleep deprivation to affect the way you look. Within just 24hrs, a bad night’s sleep can make its mark on your appearance.

my wrinkles are my story

At This Works, we’re not anti-ageing. For us, every wrinkle tells a story - every line an experience or an expression. We choose instead to take a more positive approach to skin ageing.

understanding your circadian rhythm

We all follow a 24hr daily (circadian) rhythm, controlled by biological clocks - the master one being in the brain.

about our Superblends

At the heart of each product is a Superblend; a three-element ingredient system made up of naturally-derived and scientifically-proven ingredients at therapeutic levels.

proven to work

Our products have been submitted to a number of clinical and user trials to ensure that they truly deliver on the promise ‘This Works’. Here's just a few of our results...

A moving summer with the Royal Academy of Dance

This summer we have collaborated with the Royal Academy of Dance on an eight-week online dance programme to encourage reconnection with our bodies (and each other), through movement, creativity and self-expression in this ongoing period of uncertainty.

our corporate responsibility

Since day one This Works has been built on the founding principle of equality and sought to operate without prejudice; in our workplace and through the products we create.