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What better way to show your friends you care than by sharing your ultimate beauty and wellness secrets and a discount code to go with it? Discover how you can both get £15 off your next This Works purchase, here.

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go filter free this summer

With summer on the horizon, we want you to feel confident from head to toe … it’s time to give your skin a boost.

Stress management and meditation with Headspace

We sat down with Dora Kamau, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher at Headspace, to talk all things meditation, stress management & sleep.

Make calm your superpower with these relaxation techniques

It is never too late to begin creating moments of calm for yourself – no matter how prolonged or fleeting. This Stress Awareness Month, make it a goal to invest in your own wellbeing, starting with these top tips.

expert tips to prepare for the clock change

While many of us may spend winter dreaming of spring, the lighter mornings can trigger an early wakeup leaving you feeling tired, unfocused, and making it hard to keep on top of your goals. Our expert scientific Advisor, Professor Gaby Badre, explains the science behind the seasonal changes and daylight savings which Spring entails and provides tips on how you can maintain a healthy sleep rhythm and get a restful night’s sleep.

World Sleep Day

With World Sleep Day on the horizon, what better time to talk about the importance of sleep. Here we will explore why sleep is vital to achieving specific goals and therefore harness its power to reach them. 

Edge of Ember x This Works

We caught up with Founder & CEO of sustainable jewellery brand Edge of Ember, Lynette Ong, to talk work-life balance, starting a business, and the all-important topic of SLEEP.

just for her gift guide

It’s time to celebrate the women in our lives who we can always count on and are always there when we need them. This time of year is the perfect opportunity to treat her to something to show you care.

Mamamade X This Works

My name is Sophie Baron, I am the founder of Mamamade, fresh and organic baby food delivery service, and mother of 2. I understand how confusing and all-consuming worries about sleep and feeding can be as a parent, so I’ve answered some of our most commonly received questions...

two proven ways to increase intimacy in your relationship

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, making it the perfect time to prioritise connection and introduce some new ways to achieve it with your partner (while finding the perfect gift in the process).