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NEW sleep plus – restore your rhythm

Introducing our new sleep plus collection, designed to help restore normal sleep patterns.

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The Importance of Proactively Tackling Stress

In a world which can be challenging, frightening, overwhelming, complex, and seriously hard to navigate, it’s not surprising that sometimes we don't feel ok. 

looking for balance?

Can’t find our much-coveted Hemp-derived skin, bath and bodycare products? Due to some of our existing partnerships, we’re unable to list them on thisworks.com. So, instead, we created a dedicated space for you to learn, shop and discover all your plant-powered favourites.

A day in the life of Dr Anna Persaud

Our new Stress Check™ range is the result of our very personal experience of 2020 and the challenges it threw our way – I now can’t imagine a day without it.

stress, meet your match

Meet your ultimate toolkit to help tackle the stresses of modern life.

Louise O’Connell’s tips for stress & sleep

As a working mum with jobs as both an emergency department nurse and a beauty editor, there are few people more qualified to share their experience with stress and sleep than Louise O’Connell.

A school of sleep Q&A with Terrence the Teacher

the gift guide

Take the first step towards stress-free holiday shopping and choose from our luxurious collection to bring a touch of This Works magic to this Christmas.

your sleep questions answered

You asked and our scientific advisor Professor Gaby Badre has answered. Originally intended as an Instagram Q&A we wanted to do your questions and Professor Badre’s answers justice by giving you the in depth answers on all your sleep concerns!

hard on bacteria, gentle on skin

Delivering targeted solutions to everyday skin concerns is our biggest priority, that’s why we knew we had to develop a hard-working product that would ultimately keep hands clean and protected, but also cared for as well.