Love them or hate them, our scars tell of our life experiences, acting as markers and visual cues to the events we have lived through – be that hip replacements, caesarean sections, or moments when we have pushed our bodies to their limits. Some of us are born with our scars, others gain them as markers of age or motherhood but whatever your stage in life, to live with, feel confident about, and even love your scars takes courage and self-compassion; to understand that you are still perfect despite your scars or even because of your scars often requires years of practice.

Our scars also change over the course of our lives – a scar you received in your teens, as the skin around it ages and loses elasticity or gains pigmentation, will look different in midlife or later life. Healing takes longer as we enter midlife, meaning that a scar added to your collection from your forties stands less of a chance of fading as one does early on in life.

This Works Perfect Bodycare won’t hide your scars – we don’t claim to be the magic cream that miraculously removes life’s bumps and war wounds either. We want to challenge unhealthy self-image, which includes our inner narrative around so-called “imperfections” like our scars. Our naturally effective products help bring skin to its healthiest optimum, supporting the skin’s needs with hydration and active ingredients at the same time as helping you find ways to show appreciation towards your body and how much it has experienced for you.

We looked to our own team to tell their poignant stories on how they gained their unique scars, how they feel about them and their journey to self-acceptance. 


Anna's story

Hear how our CEO, Dr Anna Persaud gained her scars in her forties after undergoing life-altering hip replacement surgery and how, over the years, she has worked toward a position of body neutrality. She explains how gaining her scars has allowed her to focus on what her body can do for her rather than how it looks. See Anna’s story below.


Nicole’s story 

Our Growth Marketing Manager, Nicole Caron-Delion sits down with our CEO to discuss how she got her scars at eight months old after an accident with boiling water and how, throughout the years, she has shifted her perspective from being self-conscious to having self-compassion. See Nicole’s story below.

how can you work toward self-compassion?

As part of our Perfect for Me campaign, we chatted to accredited trauma psychotherapist Lauren Baird about our relationship with our bodies. Lauren advocates for body compassion and neutrality over positivity. Because, let's face it, being told to love our body is much easier said than done. Lauren explains that body neutrality is moving away from a belief system that our body equals our worth and instead being more accepting of it. When we are more accepting of our body and don’t place so much pressure on ourselves for how it looks and meeting ourselves with compassion, we can access improved results in things like body image. By thinking about function, we can focus on what our body does for us, opting for clothes that feel comfortable, eating in a way that feels nourishing and moving in ways that spark joy. A helpful tip is to observe when the feelings of body negativity come up and meet them with the kindness you would show a friend rather than criticism and shame. Studies show that self-compassion can help us feel better both physically and mentally.

the origins of perfect legs skin miracle

Did you know that our award-winning tinted serum, perfect legs skin miracle, was created when our CEO Dr Anna Persaud was seeking a targeted bodycare solution that would treat the skin on her legs and improve the appearance of a scar she got from an Achilles heel procedure. She wanted a serum that wouldn’t cover the scar, but used ingredients that would nourish the skin around it, giving her the confidence to wear the clothes she loves and embrace her skin – exactly as it is. See the full story on its origin below.


self-compassion goes skin deep 

When it comes to body care, we like to get deep and meaningful. After all, body appreciation is something we at This Works have been cheerleading and actively ritualising for over 20 years, particularly through one of our longest-standing, best-loved products, skin deep dry leg oil. This ultra-luxurious, skin-nurturing oil has been improving the skin health of women of all ages for over two decades, while simultaneously helping them sustain a compassionate and deep relationship with the skin they’re in, earning it #IYKYK status among fans. Powered by 19 exquisite natural botanical oils, six of which are cold-pressed, its high omega content and antioxidant properties work to rebuild the lipid barrier and increase skin resilience to diminish visible signs of ageing over time, locking in moisture and instantly transform skin texture, leaving it supple, healthy-looking and radiant. In a world full of fast beauty fads and endless new products, skin deep dry leg oil is the long-term love affair our customers have held for 20 years. Now that’s commitment.