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Behind the scenes with designer Alexandra Palmowski..

This year, for the launch of our New Limited Edition candles, This Works have enlisted the artistic talents of Royal College of Art graduate, designer Alexandra Palmowski.

With a distinctive and innovative approach to colour and print, Alex’s hand-drawn decoupage designs are eye-catching and bold, taking the beautiful natural ingredients found in each candle as inspiration.

We were lucky enough to have a quick chat with Alexandra about her inspirations and all things beauty…

1. What first inspired you to work in print design?

I think it was my love of colour. I like that print can be really playful and when worn can add something special to an outfit. The same goes for using print in the home. I’m naturally drawn to bright colours and working with print really helps me to play about with the endless combinations of pattern, shape and form that can be created. Print is a great visual form of expression!

2. Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

Pretty much everywhere really. I’m forever taking photographs of things I see out and about. It’s amazing how you can be inspired by even the smallest of things. I always try to get in as many trips to museums and art gallery’s as possible – I’m very lucky to have so many on my doorstep. I recently visited the White Cube gallery in Bermondsey to see an installation by Cerith Wyn Evans - it was stunning. I’m forever sourcing ideas from books and looking in magazines – it’s always important to be aware of the latest trends. Developing ideas from my sketchbooks and moodboards is also where I find inspiration for my work. They allow me to play with my ideas inspiring me to create a final finished print design.

3.  What are your favourite This Works products?

This is an easy question! The This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray – not only does it smell lovely, the camomile and lavender really do help you to relax and send you to sleep. I always find I’ve had a restful sleep after using the spray.

I also really love the the Light Time Open Eyes cream. I’ve never used anything like it, the applicator is so soothing on the eyes and really does help you to feel revived in the mornings.

4. Do you have any top beauty tips that have been passed down through the family?

Both my Mum and Nana have always insisted I invest in a good quality face cream and always say to wear it everyday ‘to keep those wrinkles away’. Also, to always keep the sun off your face and never pull your skin too tight when washing your face / removing your make-up. 

5.  Who would you say your beauty icons are and why?

Bridget Bardo. I love her edginess and also how she wore her hair and make-up. Also, Sienna Miller. Her skin always looks fresh and flawless.

6.  What are the 3 beauty items you can’t live without? 

 ’Geraldine’ Nars Lipstick, make-up remover – a must! I wear so much mascara and eye make-up (channeling the Bridget Bardo in me) and face and body moisturiser.

7.  When you’re not working, how do you relax and unwind?

Trips to the sea-side always go down a storm, brunch at the weekend with friends and finally relaxing on the sofa at the end of the day with a big cup of Yorkshire tea!

8.  Do you have a favourite fragrance? If so, what is it?

I’ve got so many to be honest, I quite like to try new ones every now and again. I recently treated myself to a bottle of Bottega Veneta Knot which is lovely. It smells so fresh and includes some of my favourite ingredients – orange blossom and neroli.

9. What are your favourite fashion brands?

I’m a big fan of Etre Cecile – I love their bold printed t-shirts and sweatshirts, and other stories for classic modern everyday pieces, and you can’t beat a colourful pair of Nikes to help get you around town!

10.   How will you be spending your Christmas this year?

I’ll be heading back to my family who live in the north of England for a classic Christmas get together, with all the trimmings!

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You saw it here first… New Light Time™

New Light Time - post-sleep radiance, for the morning after the night before

Whilst acknowledging the positive benefits a good night’s sleep can have, a restless, disrupted night can often leave skin looking puffy, lined and drawn; Light Time™ addresses the impact of fatigue on skin and is charged with powerful actives specifically designed to visibly diminish sleep-induced wrinkles and puffiness- the result of dehydration or sleeping position.

As well as providing long-term anti-ageing benefits with continued use, Light Time™ offers instant rejuvenation to tired, post-sleep skin, allowing your skin to look as bright and energised as you should feel, the morning after the sleep before.

light time cleanse & glow £30 – shop now 

light time skin plumper £29 – shop now 

light time open eyes  £25 – shop now

Discover our splash, plump and glide skincare routine >


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New Energy Bank

Supercharge your wake-up, naturally

Based on an original bath oil blend created by Founder, Kathy Phillips in 20014, the New Energy Bank collection promotes a wellbeing boost with instant skincare benefits. Fighting fatigue and elevating mind and body naturally, Energy Bank is like a battery pack in a bottle.

Kathy says… “These days the one thing I always want is more energy – So much is happening all at once in every corner of our lives that I’m always looking for a booster. Here it is – in the Energy Bank blend – which offers revitalizing and energizing properties in one fabulously scented package. It helps with positive thinking and it’s brilliant if you feel you’re flagging – a reviving shower, a massage with the oil and you’re ready to party.”

Discover the range at 

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With Sleep Comes Beauty™

From bedtime to beautiful skin

Sleep…we are fascinated by it…we study it, read about it, chart it, and debate it: why do we sleep, how do we sleep, how much should we sleep, what happens whilst I sleep, what if I can’t sleep?

A universal leveller, This Works recognises sleep for the essential commodity it is, as necessary for suvival as air and water. Acknowledged as the creators of industry leading efficacious sleep solutions This Works relationship to sleep is simple, it is at the heart of everything we do for, “With Sleep Comes Beauty” - it is the start line from which all attempts to look and feel one’s best begin.

Read more on With Sleep Comes Beauty >

Watch the video >


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New portable sleep solution kits

Portable sleep solution kits for a good night’s sleep every night. 

Here at This Works, we believe that a good night’s sleep is the key to looking and feeling your best, so in the spirit of this ethos we are pleased to introduce two new sleep kits can’t sleep? and sleep over, two portable and proactive natural remedies that help lull you to sleep wherever you are.

can’t sleep? kit – £10.00 

A mini sleep solution for nights when you feel restless. The kit features our deep sleep pillow spray 5ml and deep sleep stress less 5ml.


sleep over kit – £15.00

The perfect antidote to occasional sleeplessness and can alleviate the effects of a bad night’s sleep. Containing our best natural sleep remedies including deep sleep pillow spray 5ml, deep sleep stress less 5ml and sleep balm 10g.


Available at

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Party Picks

[Hello Magazine} When you lived in London you regularly shared your favourite British beauty brands on your lifestyle website Goop. Are there any that have made the journey back to the US with you?
[GP]“I like This Works because it mixes natural, high quality ingredients into all of it’s formulas. There is an excellent oil for dry legs and a super-rich moisturiser that I use.”
Gwyneth loves
skin deep dry leg oil >
no wrinkles extreme moisturiser >

Hello Magazine 22nd December 2014


Hello Magazine 22nd December 2014

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A bath before bed…

A bath before bed is brilliant to helping along a good night’s sleep. With your body temperature naturally dipping at night time, its the signal to us to fall asleep. Raising it by bathing will accelerating the drop, sending you off more quickly. This Works deep sleep bath salts will calm any nerves caused by the festivities as well as soothe tired muscles and stressed our bodies. As featured in the Sunday Times Style supplement over the weekend…

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New sleep plus pillow spray

Can’t sleep? 100% of restless sleepers said “This Works.”

In any one month Google will see 1.3 million searches for ‘Can’t Sleep’, 3 million searches for ‘Insomnia’ and 3.2 million searches for ‘Sleep.’

The issue of sleep has never been so widely debated, discussed and reported. With the launch of our latest aromatherapeutic sleep solution, sleep plus pillow spray, our aim is to provide a natural, fast-acting and highly effective remedy for those who experience interrupted and broken sleep during the night. Sleep plus pillow spray has been clinically proven in an independent study to improve sleep quality and daytime wakefulness, naturally.


100% felt less restless during the night

89% woke less often during the night

97% felt more awake in the day

89% of ex-sleep prescription medication users would use sleep plus pillow spray in place of sleep medication.

* In a study of 100 subjects and 100 ex-prescription users compared to no product.

RRP: £25.00

Available to purchase on


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Launching soon!

Excitement is brewing at This Works HQ. We are soon to be launching our brand new product- sleep plus + pillow spray!

All will be revealed soon…..



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Let’s get Back to School

During September, routines may have changed greatly- enjoying the leisure time to the full may have resulted in the development of some bad habits (applicable to children and adults alike!)

A change in a child’s routine can have a dramatic effect on their sleep pattern, leading to poor sleep and tiredness. Staying up later than usual, different varieties of food, meal times, unusual activities (both in and outdoors), can really affect sleep routines.

As September brings us back to the present with a bump, it is essential for children to get good, natural and restorative sleep, along with a good diet, helping them to achieve effective daytime performance.  Sleep is a primary aid to growth and helps them to concentrate, making sense of and retain the learnings of the day, detoxifying the brain and body and refreshing both for the next day’s events.

However, there are many natural remedies to help: herbal remedies and lavender pillow preparations (recommend since the 16C) have been quoted as helping “those who cannot sleep” (on record at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew) and are becoming increasingly popular for all age groups.

So remember the importance of natural, restorative sleep when the first alarm clock signals the return to normal life.

More information on the different aspects of sleep problems can be found at

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Kathy’s front-row edit for London Fashion Week

Kathy Phillips, our Creative Director, shares the must-have products she will be taking to the front-row this catwalk season.

in transit no traces 60 pads
A favourite for make-up artists backstage, these refreshing pads are perfect for quick changes and instant fixes between looks.


in transit camera close-up 40ml
Boost skin after all the early starts, long days, late nights & parties with this mask, moisturiser and primer all in one.


skin deep golden elixir 120ml
For those who are lucky enough to sit in the front row, glamorous legs are a must-have. Show your pins off with a veil of 24 carat gold to give your legs a subtle shimmer.


deep sleep stress less 10ml
Full of anti-bacterial properties, deep sleep stress less is the key to staying healthy and alleviating any stress whilst travelling between cities and catwalk shows.

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How to boost and maintain your summer colour

A summer filled with sporadic bursts of sunshine can do wonders for bolstering your mood but it can play havoc with your tan lines. Here’s our guide to getting and keeping that elusive all-over glow.

Step 1: Prepare Your Skin

The first stage of getting your skin ready for any colour, be it fake or natural is to exfoliate and moisturise thoroughly. An energetic buff with daily boost body scrub, £7, sheds any dull, scaly skin leaving it prepped for hydration. To get legs looking more beautiful smooth over perfect legs skin miracle, £37, which imbues skin with moisture and disguises bruising and imperfections thanks to a cocktail of vitamin E, C and Arnica. It imparts a light hint of caramel bronze too so is ideal for a gentle transition into colour. If you’re already tanned a good scrub will keep your colour looking fresher for longer.

Step 2: Add Colour

If you’ve picked up a subtle tan from sitting in the sun now is the time to enhance it. Skin deep dry leg oil, £39.50, makes light work of hydrating limbs and adds an elongating sheen. If you’re after a serum with added oomph skin deep golden elixir, £45 is an antioxidant-rich serum embellished with 24 carat gold flecks to transform legs and leave them glossy and gleaming. If they’ve been hiding in trousers until now, ensure they match sun-blushed arms with a layer of perfect legs gradual tan, £38, a streak-free serum that promises a gentle build-up of honeyed colour.

And whether you’ve faked your colour or put in the tanning time, turn your attention to your face as colour fades faster here than anywhere else. Perfect look skin miracle, £28, is a Caramel and Mica tinted moisturiser that delivers an instant glow whilst plumping and soothing simultaneously. It’s a miracle for skin that’s been in the sun but needs a little TLC as well as that which is crying out for a healthy dose of colour. Not all tanning is without its mishaps but no wrinkles time dose mask, £36, provides a genius solution for any application that’s gone awry. Thanks to its naturally exfoliating fruit acids it removes unsightly streaks and returns skin back to a smoothed, even base. Simply leave on for 20 minutes and rinse.

Step 3: Maintain and Repair

Holding on to your colour requires upkeep. Whether it’s from a bottle or not colour locks on to moisturised skin better. No wrinkles wonder essence, £30, is a treatment-serum-moisturiser hybrid that deftly tackles enlarged pores and pigmentation as well as hydration and skin rejuvenation. Use twice a day and underneath no wrinkles active serum, £39, at night (a powerful treatment that brings stressed skin back to life) and skin will retain its natural bounce and radiant colour. Add a layer of protection wherever you are with an SPF of 30 or higher.

Shop the range on -

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New in transit reviving shower gel and balancing body lotion


Kathy Phillips, our Creative Director and Founder, tells us why she loves the existing in transit range along with our two latest additions- in transit reviving shower gel and balancing body lotion.

‘I probably travel more than most and because of this I have several cosmetics bags packed ready for overnight or week-long trips, business or holiday. Each one has things I swear by after years as a Beauty Editor testing everything out there.

I never make do with what might or might not be available at my destination. That’s why in transit was created in the first place. I wanted products I can trust to deliver while I’m on the move.

Products that can be in my handbag, in my carry-on and breeze through customs. Two mega moisturisers, one with an advanced sun protection factor (skin defence) and one that acts as a mask, primer and moisturiser in one (camera close-up). Wonderful all-natural face wipes that leave no traces of make-up and don’t sting the eyes (no traces.)

These days all products need to be multi-tasking, even muscle therapy and first aid, which between them do everything from soothing muscles and insect bites, calming sunburn, relieving headaches and minimising bruises.

We have added to our existing range with a reviving shower gel and balancing body lotion.

In transit shower gel is a revitalising blend of pure essential oils to refresh tired, lacklustre skin whilst in transit balancing body lotion is nourishing and firming, containing essential oils to give cocooning warmth and long-lasting hydration. These naturally fragrant but powerful products are sure to become steadfast in your beauty routine.’

Shop the in transit range at: 


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Legs not summer ready?

Author and Columnist at The Sunday Times, India Knight, featured This Works skin deep dry leg oil in Style over the weekend. Read up on how to get your legs looking great for summer, right here…..


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This Works is on hand to help you survive exam stress

How good sleep can help overcome exam nerves

 Insomnia is often defined as the experience of inadequate, restorative sleep. If this lasts for less than a month it is descried as short term – often linked to such things as exams.  Unpleasant and stressful  though they may be, assessment of our educational progress continues to be measured by a sequence of testing that many may find affects other aspects of their lives.  Sleep and study do not seem to go hand in hand, but a better understanding of how to cope may make the process less arduous – even improve exam performance at all ages.

Around 3 million students will be sitting exams this summer but recent reports from ChildLine suggest concerning statistics about how young people are trying to cope with the upcoming pressures that accompany exam season.

The alarming statistics reveals that almost half of pupils say they have skipped meals, two thirds of those surveyed said they have had trouble sleeping and 14% said they have drank alcohol as a way of dealing with exam anxiety.(1)

Crucial exams appear to take place when students are most vulnerable i.e. during teen years when so much is going on and growth both mentally and physically can cause stress in itself.  Secondly College or University exams may occur when young people are away from home for the first time and trying to find their way in an adult world.

For younger students it is parents and carers who need to recognise stress related sleep risks.  These include: temper outbursts, poor performance at school, incomplete homework and eating/sleep disruption.

Some ways of coping with this is to talk with the child first.  Show calm and sympathy; don’t “police” school work – if there is a problem teacher contact can be helpful.  Offer treats and time “off” and encourage exercise.  Some teens’ body clock dictate that they are more alert at night so don’t be too worried if they study late.  Above all offer a special reward of some sort when exam time is over.

College and university students need to take responsibility for their wellbeing and exam performance – excellent top tips are available from:

These include sleep advice, preparation and revision guides and self congratulation for getting though your assessments.

However stressful exams are, students should be encouraged to seek support and understand the absolute need for self care for optimal performance.

Discover This Work’s deep sleep range, proven to help you get a better night’s sleep. Find out more >>




(3) The Good Night Guide, Yinka Thomas – Sleep Council