This Mother’s Day, This Works recognises that while the role of the primary caregiver is precious, it truly ‘takes a village’ to raise a child – a sentiment that could not be more reflective of modern-day parenting. We are proud to support the village of motherhood – or the otherhood your child grows up in - by sharing tangible resources to help make finding the space and energy for secure attachments a little easier.

We know that how a mother connects with her baby is intrinsically linked to its brain development - something that starts pre-birth and continues through the child’s formative years – helping the child cope better with trauma and stressful situations later in life. Secure attachments in infancy help a child to explore and grow, teaching them resilience and the ability to self-regulate their emotions through the ups and downs of life. But we now also know from neurobiology that it is not just a mother – or a father - that can provide this fundamentally nurturing and developmental role in a child or baby’s early life. Grandparents, step-parents, friends, teachers, therapists, and even our pets can help to support the development of the right-hand (emotional) side of the child's brain as it grows, and these secure attachments can even affect and positively impact how the child’s forms its own relationships in later in life. 1,2

Our well-being solutions can support your extended family with better nights’ sleep, wind-down time, mood management, and advice rooted in science and of course, powered by nature. 

How can we support mothers and others this Mother’s Day?   

snuggling up
We know from neurobiology that human touch is essential in creating secure attachments with babies and helping them grow. Proximity, kisses, and cuddles help calm a baby or child’s nervous system, and a pre-bedtime massage is a perfect time for connection. Our Baby Sleep range boasts relaxing bath and bodycare that can help your baby’s wellbeing short and long-term by helping to make your nighttime routine a calming time for connection and bonding with a little one to support the development of circadian rhythm.3,4
When raising a child, it can be hard to remember that the wellbeing of parents is not just important but essential for a smooth-running, happy household and children. While making time to connect with your partner may not feel like a priority – especially when your children are in their earliest years – carving out space to enjoy each other can positively affect your mood and relationship, which makes approaching those difficult parenting moments a little easier. Love sleep pillow spray is formulated with mood balancing Ylang Ylang to bring the mind into a state of relaxation that is receptive to togetherness and connection. 
self-care for self-regulation 

Finding time for yourself as a mother or caregiver is no easy task, but sparing just a small part of your day to do something that makes you feel good can make all the difference. Taking care of ourselves can help build positive self-image and a sense of validation, help us take better care of others and approach stressful parenting situations with a clearer head. After all, we really cannot pour from an empty cup.
For self-care, try our deep sleep overnight range to future-proof skin, calm the mind and aid a better nights sleep.
For mindfulness, try our complimentary 13-minute guided meditation to improve neuroplasticity and centredness. 
making time for a mum-to-be 
Did you know that the final trimester of pregnancy is when some key components of a baby's brain (like the amygdala) are forming, and that stress (or lack thereof) can directly impact this development? Keeping your stress levels at bay through mood management, better sleep hygiene, and downtime is important at this stage.
Taking every opportunity to put your feet up, stay positive and get ample downtime should be the priority during these all-important final weeks. Our award-winning, natural pillow sprays help aid nighttime sleep with the calming Functional Fragrance of Lavender, Camomile and Vetivert. Studies have shown that good quality sleep and daytime napping can help reduce cortisol levels, to help you feel calm, rested, and ready to take on whatever the day brings.  
better sleep for everyone
Any family with a small child or baby will know that if someone under the roof is experiencing disturbed sleep, everyone feels it. From disrupted nights to fractious moods in the morning, the importance of community sleep for wellbeing is vital. For nursery workers, grandparents or anyone helping to look after children, not getting enough restful, restorative sleep can leave mood and energy levels feeling low – and we all know how much energy it takes to keep a little person happy!
Our paediatrician approved baby sleep pillow spray and natural bath and body products are designed to be shared, encouraging better routines, and settled nights for everyone in your home. We know that sleep issues can be unique and individual, our 2-minute sleep quiz helps identify your sleep struggle and match you with a proven to work solution. Try it today to find the right pillow spray for you. 


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