Regular, restorative sleep is essential for optimum brain function, focus and skin repair but with a busy lifestyle, it can be increasingly difficult to fall and stay asleep. Including the right essential oils in your nightly pre-bedtime routine could help you wind down faster and improve the quality of your sleep, aiding the restoration process. Not all essential oils serve the same purpose, but finding the ones proven to help calm, relax and unwind the mind can make all the difference. Our large-scale independent studies have proven that specific essential oils can help manage feelings of stress, fatigue and lack of concentration, or help enhance feelings of pleasure and intimacy. The different outcomes of essential oil use are due to the unique aromatic building blocks each oil is made up of. These are called terpenes, and the effectiveness and efficacy of an essential oil is directly linked to its terpene make-up. Our functional fragrance blends include optimal levels of terpenes to ensure effectiveness. 

Whether you choose to add essential oils to your end-of-day bath, massage them into your skin or spritz them on your bed linens, inhaling these powerful aromas could be the key to more beauty sleep. Discover how to add them into your nightly routine below.

step one: manage your exposure to light
Blue light or bright artificial lighting can make it hard for the brain to switch off and get ready for sleep, particularly late evening light exposure. This is because in the retina of the human eye, we have a light receptor called Melanopsin. This photoreceptor has no role in sight but plays a role in our circadian rhythm and the expansion and narrowing of the pupil. Melanopsin is the most sensitive to the blue light spectrum and upon activation, sends a signal to our brain which suppresses the production of 'sleep hormone' melatonin1,2,3,4.
Therefore, the best practice to improve your sleep quality and help you drift off to sleep easier is to avoid device use at least 2 hours before sleep and avoid use in the bedroom completely. Set your phone aside and burn an aromatherapeutic candle like our deep sleep heavenly candle, enriched with Lavender and Camomile pure essential oils to promote relaxation and soothe the senses.
step two: diffuse stressors
Essential oils in their purest form can be enjoyed using a diffuser, which scents the whole room through vapour to create the ultimate relaxing ambience. Add five drops of the potent deep sleep super blend to your bedroom diffuser 30 minutes before you plan to sleep for a relaxing way to calm the mind and relieve tension.
step three: soak up the calm
A warm bath at the end of the day releases tight muscles and a tightly wound mind. Take relaxation to another level by adding a few drops of the luxurious deep sleep bath oil to your water and let the functional fragrance of Lavender, Camomile and Vetivert relieve tension, stress and exhaustion.
step four: mindful moisturising
Lock in moisture after your bath and massage your skin with deep sleep body cocoon, a hydrating cream and wellness solution enriched with Shea Butter and our unique Deep Sleep functional fragrance to calm the mind while you soften your skin. 
step five: enjoy a deep sleep
Finish your essential oil wind-down routine with a spritz of the multi-award-winning deep sleep pillow spray, with Lavender, Camomile and Vetivert, on your sheets and pyjamas. This bestselling sleep mist has been scientifically proven to help you fall asleep faster, sleep better and feel more refreshed upon waking, so you can have your best beauty sleep yet.



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