Since our earliest beginnings, This Works has invested in natural sleep solutions that really work – powered by science, award-winning and loved by you.

We’ve formulated, improved and optimised multiple products designed to help better your rest over the years, and have sold over 8 million pillow sprays since 2004 – so we like to think you find them as effective as we do. This Works is more than just our name – it’s our promise, wellbeing is our goal, and sleep is our heritage. Discover the secrets behind our philosophy.

proven to work

We love and appreciate all the customer feedback we receive, in part because it shows us that our products work. But we also get satisfaction from understanding how and why they work, since 2017 we have collaborated with neuroscientist and world leading expert in sleep medicine Professor Gaby Badre, to run independent clinical trials that test our products using advanced methodologies such as polysomnography, state of the art in sleep recordings, enabling us to study the impact of fragrances on sleep quality and fMRI technology - one of the best methods to analyse brain activity - from which process many of our fragrances have been developed.
This involves scans that monitor the brain before, during and after exposure to fragrance, enabling us to see how different fragrances activate specific areas of the brain and the implications this has for our fragrance efficacy. For example, our love sleep pillow spray activates brain areas associated with hedonic responses, feelings of social comfort and calmness and seeking reward, with the potential for it to pave the way for intimacy. We also run user panels and clinical studies, to ensure each product lives up to its promise. At least 70% of our chosen panellists must agree 'This Works' before a product is launched.

our Superblend

At the heart of each product is a Superblend; a three-element ingredient system made up of naturally derived and scientifically proven ingredients at therapeutic levels. These ingredients are expertly blended to create clean, cruelty-free skincare, with integrity that delivers. We put in what we need and leave out what we don’t. What you will find, is a healthy balance of natural actives (for their powerful, proven results) and natural, botanical and essential oils (for their therapeutic effects). Functional fragrances also play an important role, as it’s vital that our products perform, but they must also be sensorial and a pleasure to use. We strive for all of our products to be at least 98% natural. 

created with a conscience

We believe that our products should benefit humans, but never at the expense of animals and – if we can help it – our environment. That is why we:
  • Are PETA-accredited and cruelty free
  • Use 100% natural fragrances
  • Are free from phthalates, sulphates, GMOS, petrolatum and synthetic colours
  • Go vegan – many of our ranges are already 100% vegan, watch this space for the rest
  • Opt for recyclable packaging

This Works is more than just our name – it’s our promise.