Well that was fun, wasn’t it? Months of sunshine, travel back in full force and our record-breaking mega-heatwave. Lucky us! But before you full steam ahead into September, there are a few wellbeing concerns that you might want to address in order to maximise your body’s resilience for the months ahead. This trans-seasonal moment is the perfect time to repair, detoxify and strengthen your skin, mind and body.

a reset for your complexion

For those who want to keep pigmentation under control, our morning expert Vitamin C power mask is a must-try. 10% water-activated Vitamin C granules in a moisturising balm help cleanse and exfoliate, while Hyaluronic Acid and Jojoba tackle dry skin and dullness. Couple with daily use of morning expert hyaluronic serum to further reduce pigmentation over time.

stride into Autumn

Summer fun may mean your feet have gone through more stress after barefoot days on the beach, playing in the garden and plenty of sandal-wearing. Back-to-school month heralds the return of closed-toes and solid shoes can be quite the shock to our feet. Support your skin with perfect heels rescue balm, this calming blend strengthens, smooths, and gives the feet the love they need to step into the new season.

deep clean your pores

Regular SPF use often leaves our pores blocked and congested. Switch your cleanser for one that actively decongests and lifts off dead skin cells like evening detox cleansing water with liquorice root to help calm inflammation.

re-fuel your skin cells

Formulated with 19 high-grade oils - including nourishing Rosehip Oil and soothing Evening Primrose - skin deep dry leg oil is an anti-oxidant rich oil that helps to preserve your tan, stop dehydration and repair sun damage.