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What is the This Works Panel?

We believe that our customers are the ultimate judge: only they decide ‘This Works’. Our products need to work for your skin and fit into your busy routines. They need to enhance the way you live simply and beautifully without compromising the environment in which we live.

This is why we have the This Works Panel - our dedicated testing system, in place since This Works began to ensure that our products deliver on their promise, every time.

We’re passionate about our panel. It is a rotating group of over 300 real live women with real lives (rather than bods in lab coats) from across the UK, working with us to ensure that our products really do work. If a product doesn’t then we will fine tune it (and it will keep coming back) until our panel decides that it does.

This Works Panel was first created by our founder, Kathy Phillips, to make sure women felt as she did about her new range. Their unanimous response ‘this works’ is how the brand got its name.

So, This Works isn’t simply a brand moniker. Our products truly work. And our panel is how we are able to support our promise to you.

Anna Campbell
Harriet Mitchelll
Shona Barry
Sonia Meade
Frances Barrett
Denise Crammer
Claire Holcombe
Freya Wilcox
Hannah Wood
India Brown
Catherine Allen
Caroline Barker
Robyn Spens
Sarah Anderson
Lizzie Davies
Natalie Iljaz
Carol Bradford
Theresa Eastam

How It Works

Here’s a closer look at the process.

Each This Works Panel runs from seven days to three months, the length determined by the type of product under review.

Each tester receives their product sample, information and instruction on correct usage – they are then asked to report on the product’s performance against a number of criteria.

To make it into production a product must receive the green light from a minimum of 70% of panel members.

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