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our experts

Meet some of the experts we work with daily to ensure that your This Works experience matches our brand promise. As you would expect from This Work, they all believe in being straightforward, honest and real. Making no false promises and helping us achieve our goal of creating intelligent products that deliver on their promise of exceptional results.

From our product formulations and development to lifestyle tips and recommendations, their combined knowledge and experience is the reason we’re confident when we say ‘This Works’.

Dr Anna Persaud

Dr Anna Persaud

This Works CEO

London based, Anna is responsible for all areas of the This Works business but with a PHD in Biochemistry brings unique insight into product development and testing, ensuring the brand can say in all certainty ‘This Works’.

Gaby Badre

Gaby Badre, MD, PhD, Associate Professor

Neuroscientist & Medical Doctor

This Works expert scientific advisor, Professor Gaby Badre is a Swedish expert in sleep medicine and clinical neurophysiology specialist in chronobiological disorders. He is interested in the impact of modern lifestyle on health and how to address fatigue and sleep-wake disorders to decrease their negative effect on aging. He is currently practicing private Sleep and Stress medicine in Sweden and the UK.

Rachel Hubbard

Rachel Hubbard

Sports Scientist

Rachel has over 30 years’ experience in the fitness industry and currently oversees development, participation and engagement in health and wellbeing at Aberystwyth University in Wales. She spent several successful seasons as manager and fitness advisor for the Welsh Women’s Rugby team. For 18 years, Rachel has been Course Director for both Fitness Wales and CYQ, sharing her wealth of knowledge in the field of nutrition, exercise and stress management.