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sleep + your skin

why sleep matters

It doesn’t take long for sleep deprivation to affect the way you look. Within just 24hrs, a bad night’s sleep can make its mark on your appearance. We know from scientific research and our work with expert dermatologists and sleep specialists that there is strong, calculable link between disturbed sleep and intrinsic skin ageing.


For good sleepers, skin systems can operate correctly and efficiently. For poor sleepers, factors such as diminished skin barrier function, poor stem cell activity and an increase in trans-epidermal water-loss collectively contribute towards a drained complexion as well as premature signs of ageing such as fine lines and loss of skin elasticity. Studies show that sleep deprivation affects features relating to the mouth and skin texture and not simply the area around the eyes*.

sleep & your skin

signs of sleep deprivation

sleep & your skin

Sleep and skin health are controlled by the skin’s circadian rhythms or body clock. At night anti-inflammatory and anti-stress hormones are secreted (regulated by the 24 hour body clock) switching on the skin’s repair, renewal and detoxification processes.

If sleep is disturbed this process is affected and here’s a snapshot of how.

Seen within 24hrs of sleep deprivation, one of the greatest factors contributing towards the skin ageing in the sleep deprived is that poor sleepers experience significantly higher levels of Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL).*

The natural balance of water evaporation through the dermal layers can become unbalanced by a break down in the skin’s barrier function through sleep deprivation and can kick start a number of unwanted skin conditions from morning redness and sensitivity right through the definition of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin moisturisation at night is therefore integral to slowing down these ageing effects.

Dark circles are often the most prominently reported signs of disrupted sleep and while the prominence of this characteristic can be to a certain extent hereditary, the increase in build-up of toxins due to the breakdown of natural systems that aid detoxification and renewal caused by poor quality sleep intensifies the problem. Topical application of detoxifying ingredients in the evening is recommended.

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*Sundelin, Tina & Lekander, Mats & Sorjonen, Kimmo & Axelsson, John. (2017). Negative effects of restricted sleep on facial appearance and social appeal. Royal Society Open Science. 4. 160918. 10.1098/rsos.160918.

Sleep & Your Skin