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Bed Sleep Hygine

The way we formulate our products is inspired and led by our understanding of the body clock.

Innovation is driven through our understanding of today’s lifestyle and its demands, fine tuned by the individual’s own life experience. We then translate these needs into clean, efficacious products that work for your skin in synergy with your body clock, 24 hours a day.

This Works Superblends is a three element ingredient system that harnesses the best in nature, at its cleanest and at its most effective. Our Superblends are designed to work in synergy with the body clock to maximise skin performance.

We use high quality ingredients at therapeutic levels with data to support our claims. And we test our all of products in vivo during the development process with user panels and clinical trials. And that’s how we know are products work because our panel tell “this works” if not, we won’t launch it.”

Our Superblends trio is made up of naturally derived, scientifically proven ingredients at therapeutic levels; botanical oils expertly blended by This Works specialists; and therapeutic fragrances help to improve wellbeing, sleep and skin.

Our Superblend ingredients are authentic, clean and with their integrity intact (we put in what we need, we leave out what we don’t).

We have gained a worldwide reputation for our Superblends, because they work. And it is our combination of the three elements that continues to set our skincare apart. Our Superblends deliver potent, powerful solutions that are greater than the sum of their parts.

Bed Sleep Hygine 


Our Superblend Actives are scientifically proven to work and derived from nature. We don’t use ingredients because they’re ‘on trend’, we use them because their benefits are well documented.

The Vitamin C, for example, found it in our Light Time range, is well known for its multiple benefits from antixodant protection to boosting skin’s elasticity to reducing the appearance of pigmentation giving a brightened complexion.

The encapsulated Retinyl Palmitate in our No Wrinkles Night collection is one of the only proven ingredients to support skin renewal and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Persian Silk Tree Extract – shown to support detoxification at night and help reduce signs of tiredness in the morning. Find it in No Wrinkles Midnight Moisture and Light Time Open Eyes.

We use these ingredients, and many more, at the highest levels required to deliver their specific skin benefit. In addition, they are selected to work in synergy with the skin’s 24 hour body clock.

Bed Sleep Hygine 

Natural therapeutic fragrances

Fragrance is an important part of the This Works Superblend – it’s vital that our products perform of course but they must also be sensual and a pleasure to use. Compromise or economise on scent by adding synthetic fragrances and you not only sacrifice the intensity of the smell but you also risk destroying the product’s effectiveness.

This Works’ founder Kathy Phillips, herself a convert to the hugely emotive power of scent and aromatherapy, was inspired by the works of modern aromatherapists Dr Jean Valnet and Micheline Arcier to create products that would make the user sigh with satisfaction, buzz with energy or be filled with calm on opening the lid.

All This Works’ fragrances are of the highest quality, from 100% natural ingredients and are sourced responsibly from around the world. We hope you enjoy experiencing them.


For example our Deep Sleep blend, which is tailored to the night phase, combines Lavender, known for its deeply relaxing, tension relieving properties, with soothing Wild Chamomile and stress-relieving Vetivert known for settling the nerves and treating mental and physical exhaustion. For it is at night that we need calming, relaxing oils to help support sleep and ultimately skin renewal.


Energy Bank is designed for the morning phase and for people who need more than just a cup of coffee to feel energised and revitalised when the alarm goes off. The blend combines balancing Geranium, stimulating Bergamot and tension-busting Ylang-Ylang.


The Stress Check blend has been created to counterbalance the effects of stress on the mind and body from the moment you wake. Refreshing Eucalyptus cleanses, invigorates and helps to calm the senses. , Frankincense help you feel relaxed physically and mentally, while Lavender Oil is known for soothing hypertension, nervous tension and insomnia.

Bed Sleep Hygine

Natural botanical oils

The therapeutic effects of natural, botanical and essential oils are known and loved by many. Each has its own mood boosting benefit and when tailored to the right time of day, in the right product, they can become a life tool to give strength and support whether we need to zone out or spark with energy. Our botanical oil blends are made by our expert blenders, using 100% pure and natural botanical oils.

Our favourite oils include, crambe oil found in many of our No Wrinkles and Stress Check products is an excellent natural lubricant and emollient. It has a unique skin-feel combining a light texture with enhanced slip properties without feeling too greasy and is a natural alternative to mineral oils and silicones.

Turmeric Oil found in stress check face oil, is a distilled oil extracted from the roots of Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) and is ideal for the improvement of skin radiance and evening of skin tone.

Mongongo Oil, found in stress check hair elixir, stress check face oil, has been used for thousands of years by the Bushmen of the Kalahari to protect their skin against the sun and the harsh desert environment. The oil is rich in eleostearic acid which reacts rapidly with UV light to polymerize into a protective layer for the skin and high amounts of Vitamin E provide excellent antioxidant properties.

Moringa Oil, found in stress check, the origin of Moringa is Arabia and India and is said to moisturise and smoothen skin, delaying wrinkles, lightening skin tone and nourishing and protecting the skin from free radical damage.