It's time to sleep (naturally)

In the next 24 hours c. 419,000 prescriptions will be issued for sleeping pills, at a cost to the NHS of close to fifty million pounds a year – is there an alternative?

Yes - This Works introduced the deep sleep pillow spray as a natural and highly effective remedy for sleep issues as the following study confirms.

In  July  2013, This  Works commissioned  a user study on 217 healthy male and female subjects aged 12 plus with sleep problems, for two weeks. The study   was   a   Home   Use   trial   designed   to   assess  the   performance   of   This   Works   deep   sleep   pillow spray versus a placebo (synthetic lavender) and took place over 4 weeks. For each of the questions, the answers were broken down into age groups 12-17, 18-30, 31-45, 46-55 and 56+.

The   This   Works   deep   sleep   pillow   spray   principle   ingredients are True   Lavender   from Provence, Patchouli,  Vertivert    and  Chamomile. .

The Results:

user sleep study

And 86% of the subjects said they would recommend using deep sleep pillow spray.


Age group findings:

18-30 years old benefitted most from using the deep sleep pillow spray
55+ had the greatest improvement in levels of sleep associated anxiety
12-17 year olds had the greatest improvements in sleep disturbances
Age group 46-55 and 56+ felt less tired during the day

These   results   clearly  show   that  deep   sleep   pillow   spray   is   highly   effective   at   improving   sleep quality including getting to sleep and staying asleep, demonstrating that it s a viable alternative to sleeping tablets or other forms of medication for a significant percentage of the population suffering from insomnia.

The This Works deep sleep pillow spray can be used on all age groups as part of a night time routine and   this   is   of  particular   interest   given   the   rising   level   of   sleep   problems   reported   in   children   and young adults and reluctance to use medical interventions.

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