Summer is coming. As we are getting ready to return to normality, let's remember the importance of continuing to make time for ourselves.

If the last year (and more) has taught us anything, it is that self-care is not a luxury – as so many had previously branded it – it is essential. Essential to our mental wellbeing, to keeping us present, and to enabling us to help both our families and wider communities. Often, taking just a moment to indulge in your favourite ritual is all that is needed to recharge, replenish and renew – ready to take on life’s (new) possibilities.

A few minutes to massage in body oils that relieve stressed-out shoulders.
To polish skin in a bath you have been dreaming about for days,
To gently rub moisturiser into lacklustre limbs,
For the bedtime ritual that makes winding down effortless (and skin unbelievably soft).
To delicately apply your favourite eye-cream, ready to take on the day.

Let’s not lose sight of the positive rituals and routines that we have finally had the time to implement and enjoy the benefits of.

Our award-winning skin, body and home collections are here to help you get ready and glow all summer (and beyond).


The best place to start this summer season? Bodycare. Not only a powerful ritual for hitting that reset button, but an important way to look after your skin during the warmer months too. From daily tinted serums that nourish and boost sun-kissed limbs to luxurious body oils that provide ultra-hydration to encourage glow.

Why not try: skin deep dry leg oil

A seriously nourishing blend of 13 high-grade essential oils and six cold-pressed plant oils including Rose Oil, protective Tuberose, hydrating Sandalwood and calming Evening Primrose, which together help maintain the skin's lipid barrier and give dry, dull skin a boost. Simply taking the time to massage this in after your daily shower or bath (or even just when you fancy it), will provide a relaxing, fragrant ritual.


Of the utmost importance, a good skincare routine can keep out environmental aggressors, soothe stressed out muscles and protect our skin against unwanted effects – but the act of applying it is so much softer. A few minutes to start or end your day, massaging and hydrating skin, leaving you feeling clean and more mindful.

Why not try: morning expert hyaluronic serum

Wake up well with this protective and nourishing blend of 2% Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C to help tighten, smooth and improve skin appearance helping you to glow all summer long.