Sleep. It’s one of the best things for our skin and wellbeing – but for so many of us it can be hard to come by.

Since 2004, we’ve made it our business to become the experts in sleep: breaking bad habits and encouraging restful nights with science and proven to work products. During that time, we’ve sold over 6 million pillow sprays thanks to ongoing research and continuous product innovation – so it’s fair to say they really work. We’ve put our products through 6 independent user trials with over 900 participants, clinical and fMRI brain imaging studies over the years, to ensure that not only do our fragrances work, but that the people we really care about (that’s you) love them as much as we do. 

Our collection of pillow sprays includes several innovative products targeted to a multitude of sleep issues, but all have one thing in common: our Deep Sleep fragrance. A Superblend with 100% natural essential oils of French Lavender, wild Camomile and Vetivert. Our iconic deep sleep pillow spray is clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster. In an independent trail of 100 ex-prescription users, 89% of people fell asleep faster than normal.

The effects of a good night’s rest are plentiful and so by getting the sleep you deserve, you’ll soon be sure to reap the stress-busting, glow-boosting rewards. So, in a year as turbulent as 2020 has been – in the uncertain wake of Brexit, an ongoing global pandemic and social movements – we know getting your 8 hours is more important (and more difficult) than ever. It’s time to restore normality to night-time, say goodbye to stress and take back control of a good night’s sleep – with a little help from us.

This Works. Sleep well. Stay well.


"I’m always trying new sleep aids and some work but most do not. Deep sleep pillow spray definitely works! I just use two light sprays on my pillowcase and sleep soundly."


“I started using this a few years ago after receiving a free sample in a hotel. I swear by it and have introduced my family to it as well. It’s a regular birthday/Christmas gift for many of us and always well received.”

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