Baby Sleep all over wash and body lotion Q&A

Baby Sleep all over wash and body lotion Q&A

 1. How do natural skincare products differ from conventional skincare?

Answer: Natural skincare products are formulated with natural, naturally derived or nature identical ingredients. Because of the high level of natural ingredients, these products may also have therapeutic benefits. Conventional skincare formulations mainly contain synthetic chemical ingredients and therefore contain low level of naturals, if any.

2. How are the ingredients used in This Works baby sleep products chosen?

Answer: Babies and children have delicate skin and sensitive skin.  Using research from mothers, dermatologists and expert formulators, This Works products are expertly blended with botanical extracts, selecting the gentlest and most suitable ingredients to create mild products that soothe baby skin and promote sleep.

3. Do you use preservatives in This Works baby sleep products?

 Answer: Yes, although we only use ingredients that are deemed natural to preserve the products.  As our formulations are natural, they are very delicate so preservatives are needed to ensure that the product remains safe throughout its shelf life.


4. How is the This Works all-over wash different from other baby bathing products?

 Answer: Our baby sleep all-over wash is free from sulphate and phthalates.


5. Can skincare products cause irritation or allergies for children?

 Answer: Some children can be more sensitive to certain products than others, just like adults.  This is why we have had these products dermatologically tested to ensure they are deemed safe for allergy-prone and eczema sufferers. If any irritation does occur however, use should be discontinued.


 6. My baby has extremely sensitive skin – are This Works baby sleep products suitable to use on her?

 Answer: With skincare it is never possible to give a 100% guarantee and promise that a product is suitable for all allergies, however this range is specifically formulated to be mild enough for sensitive baby skins. If your child does have extremely sensitive skin, we do recommend contacting a health professional prior to use.


 7. How are This Works baby sleep products tested for safety?

 Answer:  We use qualified dermatologists to test for safety. All products are dermatologically tested for use on sensitive skin, are hypoallergenic and safe to use. We also test to confirm that the product can be deemed natural.












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8. What is the scent and is it safe to use for small children?

 Answer: The scent is mild has been uniquely crafted for This Works to be safe for small children and babies. It is 100% natural and contains essential oils of lavender, vetivert and chamomile which are excellent for balancing, soothing and regenerating the skin as well as promoting calm and restful sleep.


 9. Are essential oils safe to use on small children/babies?

 Answer: The essential oils used in our baby sleep formulations and fragrances have been specifically selected because they are safe for use on babies and children and have additional benefits. As long as essential oils are used sensibly and to guidelines, they can be wonderful tools to help as your baby grows.


 10. Can I use the body lotion on my child’s face?

 Answer:  The body lotion is safe to use on the face if there are patches of dry skin but generally babies do not like product on their faces. It is always advisable to avoid using lotion or any product near the eyes.


 11. What is the pH of the baby sleep body lotion?

Answer: the body lotion is at the same physiological pH of the skin, that is pH 5.5-6.5


12. What products should I use during and after I bathe my child?

 Answer:  We recommend  the following baby sleep bedtime routine

  • Step 1 : lather baby sleep all-over body wash onto skin and hair and rinse thoroughly
  • Step 2 : massage baby sleep body lotion all over baby’s skin (can be applied to face as well as body)
  • Step 3 : mist baby sleep pillow spray onto cot sheets/ children’s bedding

13. What age are the products recommended for use?

 Answer: 6+ months – why?

 It is not advisable to use anything other than water on new-borns because the baby’s skin is still developing and very sensitive after being protected in the amniotic sac during pregnancy. Enzymes in skin and liver that detoxify chemicals haven’t developed up to full effectiveness until 3 months from Full Term Birth (FTB). In addition, prematurely born babies have to be considered. Therefore, we advise 6 months as the suitable age for use of our products.


Please note all babies and children are individuals so please consult your own midwife and/or Dr for advice on your specific situation.  Our advice is general and all skincare and treating your baby is always the responsibility of the parent.