Environmentally Aware

This Works is dedicated to operating as an environmentally responsible business

We aim to manage the environmental effects and aspects of all our operations in a responsible and affirmative manner, and continuously seek to improve environmental performance. Our policies are reviewed every 6 months.

Product Policy

We pride ourselves on our consideration of environmental impact which starts at our production level.

  • None of our products or raw ingredients are tested on animals.
  • All Skincare, Bath and Body formulations are free from phthalates, sulphates, synthetic colours and fragrance, parabens, GMOs, mineral oils, petrolatum, propylene glycol.
  • We promote the use of sustainable sources of raw ingredients. Products are manufactured in the UK where the majority of our retail clients are based thus reducing transport impacts.
  • Our research and development department is continually trying to find ways to formulate safely, thoughtfully and honestly. Sourcing and testing are therefore time-consuming and labour intensive but always in the interest of maintaining the product excellence synonymous with This Works.

Packaging Policy

  • This Works always tries to ensure that packaging & ingredients are recyclable & environmentally conscious to help keep the world green.
  • New suppliers have been sourced and have full FSC accreditation. All cartons are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)
  •  FSC certification scheme aims to ensure environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable forestry products. Where possible we strive to use paper pulp blended with post consumer waste to help with the ever growing global problem of land fill.
  • Help protect the planet: the tubes and inner plastic casing of our bottles are made with materials that are widely recyclable. We can also reuse the outer shell of the following products: perfect legs skin miracle; perfect cleavage firming lotion; skin deep dry leg oil; enjoy multi-tasking lotion; stretch mark 100% natural. Just separate and send to This Works head office; we would be delighted to recycle these for you.

This Works HQ

At the Wimbledon HQ we have implemented several initiatives to minimise waste and reduce environmental damage.

Steps we take:

  • We endeavour to encourage key suppliers and customers to adopt the development of environmental best practice at both head office and store level.
  • All recyclable waste material is recycled (including paper, cardboard, bottles and printer cartridges).

The Future

  • We have set ourselves objectives and targets for the future to continue with our legacy of reducing our negative environmental impact.
  • We are a small company and try to do as much as we can. This will only improve as we grow as we believe in long term investment into environmental responsibility.

Any suggestions or ideas how we can strive to be more environmentally responsible, email us at Head Office.