sleep + your skin

It is undeniable that beautiful skin starts with a good night’s sleep as it is during this period of physical and mental rest that your skin moves into repair mode – creating new cells, replacing aged cells, removing harmful toxins and renewing the skin.

Read on to find out why sleep is so important, what is happening to your skin as you sleep and how to maximise your skin overnight renewal and detoxification.

sleep & your skin

your skin at night

Sleep quality affects skin at a cellular level, and this has a knock-on effect on how skin looks. Sleep and skin health are controlled by the skin’s circadian rhythms or body clock. At night anti-inflammatory and anti-stress hormones are secreted (regulated by the 24 hour body clock) switching on the skin’s repair, renewal and detoxification processes.

The skin’s stem cells (the mother cells responsible for making fresh new cells and replacing aged cells) reproduce at this time and are at their most productive at night. The skin’s layers are renewed at night. Its metabolic rate speeds up and skin cells become more productive. At the same time the breakdown of skin cell proteins (their building blocks) reduces, giving the skin a bit of a break.

If sleep is disturbed this process is affected which is why we introduced the concept of Sleep as the first step in your skincare routine.


skincare to maximise your sleep

With a good night’s sleep as your first step towards healthier looking skin, we recommend maximising your sleeptime with a night routine that uses skincare packed with ingredients proven to support skin repair and detoxification so you wake up with the glow of a good night’s sleep…even on night’s when it has been hard to come by.

Detox: Cleansing our skin thoroughly in the evening paves the way for night-time skincare products to work at their best. By removing toxins, we help our skin’s renewal process, which works overtime while we sleep.

Renew: Evening is the prelude to sleep when skin is at its most receptive to topical treatments. Select a night cream, specifically formulated to maximise your skin’s overnight renewal, boost the natural process of cell repair and regeneration and prevent overnight water loss - so you wake up to a complexion that’s visibly firmer, plumped up and naturally glowing.

Sleep & Your Skin