How To Travel In Style

Tips on ‘how to travel in style’ from Kathy Philllips:

I love the challenge and to this end I now have a section of the wardrobe devoted to my various trips. In it are stacked ready, a make- up bag packed for an overnight business trip: another one with cosmetics for more than a week in a holiday destination (big bottles of sun protection, TW skin deep dry leg oil and hair conditioners- a must) and a third for a weekend away. Each destination demands a different set of necessities.

Then there’s a bag with things I’d need for ski-ing including hard core sun and lip protection, Arnica,(pills and cream)  blister plasters, This Works Muscle Therapy and bath oils to soak tired muscles in. I’ve also got a bag with international plugs for different countries, a bag with small quantities of shampoo, conditioner, hair pins and a blow-drying brush as well as a small see-through bag with miniatures that don’t contravene the minimum cabin allowance. I keep my camera and charger in this cupboard, travel Yoga mat, and my hair irons, so that I see them all at a glance when I start to pack.

This saves a huge amount of time and frustration even though things have to be topped up and replaced.

I don’t roll things up to pack as some people do. Having been trained at the Vogue school of packing huge suitcases of clothes for photographic trips, I use tissue and dry cleaning bags between all my clothes and pack everything as wide and flat as it’s possible to do.

Anything remotely leak able I wrap with polythene (I collect old bubble wrap for this) and put in a wipe able zip bag. Having said that, I never bother with nail varnish and nail varnish remover. That’s tempting fate.




close up


I also NEVER trust that I can find decent sun protection or hair products in a remote foreign location. Yes- it means my suitcase has to go through but I’m not sure I see the huge advantages of rupturing yourself with carry- on luggage. As long as I’ve got my Travel Kit (complete with Breathe In, spritz and moisturiser), plus a good book and Sudoko on my Blackberry- what more do I need?

And if I get stuck at an airport for hours, all I’ve got to worry about it is one well- stocked handbag.

I couldn’t Travel without my travel kit. That is why I invented it.

The products are better than anything you will get on the plane- even in First Class.  It has STRESS LESS- with Eucalyptus and Ravensara to keep me Germ free during the flight. TURBO BALM is a multi-purpose balm ideal for dry skin and the perfect size for travelling. Some moisturiser, ENJOY MULTI-TASKING LOTION for face and body as well as a special FRESH SKIN SPRITZ which keeps moisture in and some CLEAN SKIN to cleanse skin and remove all impurities. All designed to carry on.