How To Sleep Better

Tips on ‘how to sleep better’ from Kathy Phillips:

Beauty sleep is not a myth as the body repairs itself whilst you sleep and skin renews and rejuvenates itself at night. Sleep can actually reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the neck and face, at least temporarily as by lying down you divert the affect of gravity and because you also perspire more at night, sleep acts as a natural moisturiser.

"I wish I could survive on less sleep as there is always so much to do. But if I don’t get 7 hours a night during the week I catch up at the weekend. If you don’t sleep well everything suffers. You eat the wrong things because you feel tired, you skip your regular exercise and you work less efficiently,"
says Kathy Philllips.

Getting enough sleep depends on creating a restful atmosphere to help you unwind and relax before bedtime. Aromatherapy candles (such as deep sleep heavenly candle and lavender and roman camomile candle ) will fill your home with a soothing aroma.



Having a warm bath before bed also helps calm the mind and body. Add to your bath one spoonful of deep sleep bath soak - blended with a spa-strength concentration of 100% natural essential oils, including Vertivert, the 'tranquillity oil' for a deeply relaxing and calming soak.

By now you should be feeling much more relaxed and ready for bed. As a final touch why not spray your pillow and bed sheets with the deep sleep pillow spray?

While you sleep, the body repairs and rebuilds itself. Use no wrinkles active oil and no wrinkles active serum, containing the powerful anti-oxidants Vitamin C and E to ensure you look revitalised when you awake.

And if all else fails and you wake up with puffy tired eyes and dark circles, reach for our new no wrinkles tired eyes, a powerful serum targeted to help reduce wrinkles and signs of fatigue around the eye area.