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This Works Testimonials

We love hearing your feedback.

If you would like to review a product, or give feedback on any of our please email info@thisworks.com, or call 0208 543 3544, post your comments on our Facebook page, or write a review on any of our products on our website.

Here are comments from just a few of you who put pen to paper, emailed or rang in, and told us what you love about This Works.

Thank you so much for such an efficient and dedicated service, it is much appreciated. I work in E-commerce and can recognise a superior client service when I encounter it, and you have certainly provided that. I was recommended the In Transit spray by a friend and am looking forward to using it in my travels with work tomorrow, and the sleep products will certainly help the long haul journey. I will recommend your service and products to the office.
I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you very much. I had problems with the website and ordering yesterday so phoned up and spoke to a very helpful lady who put my order through for me.  It has now turned up already, before 8 am the day after ordering.
I am very impressed with the service I have received and the products are amazing, you have a customer for life now. Thank you!!
Having used the Sleep set from Crowne Plaza I drifted off to sleep the other night in need of some lovely presents and vowed to look online first thing for this works gifts - I ended up not needing to shop anywhere else, buying gifts for 5 friends. They arrived beautifully presented yesterday, I'm sure the gifts will be perfect, and I treated myself to another set too! So thank you.
I love the delicious scents of all your baths and shower oils, even your stretch mark oil smells great! I would tell people to buy 'this works' products because they do - my stretch marks are gradually fading, the bath oils are relaxing and the perfect cleavage serum really helps tone the skin.
Really effective products - simply the best ever body lotion I've found and easy to get addicted to products!
I have trouble sleeping and this is really great. Thanks so much for making the product! You should make in larger sizes!
The products are great for sensitive skin, they smell wonderful, are easy to use and make you feel pampered and relaxed after use.
After years of suffering eczema on my legs and using hydrocortisone which still left me with eczema I discovered Dry skin leg oil and have no eczema and my skin looks fab - I tell everyone.
I LOVE This Works products: they are totally genius. I have had serious problems with my skin as a result of allergies, but T/W has helped so much – my skin is the best it has ever been, and I get so many compliments now ... and I tell everyone about This Works !!!
The products feel completely unique. They smell wonderful. They work. And unlike a lot of aromatherapy type ranges This Works feels very contemporary - great packaging and design. it feels cool and urban rather than the slightly crusty vibe of a lot of aromatherapy lines.
The products clearly have very high quality ingredients. The oils are amazing - the best aromatherapy oils I have tried - and I have tried a lot. They do exactly what they say - hence of course your choice of brand name. I also have recently tried the eye serum and was really impressed. I swim every day and the skin around my eyes can become quite puffy - this worked wonders, soothed, moisturized and reduced puffiness. And of course the icing on the cake is the products are beautifully packaged. I buy my friends the products for gifts.
IT works! this works - works! it’s really a simple thing to say, but true!
I would just like to say thank you for the prompt delivery of my order which was only placed yesterday.!!! also not charging for delivery is excellent. These were presents for Christmas, and I shall certainly be looking at your website for more ideas Again Many thanks.
Hi I recently stayed at the Crowne Plaza Heathrow and received a complimentary "Sleep" duo. I travel a lot and have always had difficulty sleeping, even when I’m home. I've tried herbal sleeping pills, lavender eye masks and other linen sprays but nothing has had much effect. I've been using your products for the last week and for the first time in ages have drifted off every night within 5 mins of going to bed and have had a great night\'s sleep! I work in the music industry and the bands I work with all suffer from jet lag and sleep problems thanks to sleeping on tour buses, different time zones etc. I’ll definitely be recommending your sleep products to them and their tour managers. Thanks for a great product!! I will be a repeat purchaser.
Thank you! I was so worried I would be left with awful stretch marks after the birth of my son- but my skin and figure are back to normal only 3 months later with great elasticity in my skin, better than it was before!
These Works products really are the epitomy of cool calm. They aren't gimmicky, overly produced or packaged; I adore the products and the ensuing calm aromas that pervade my house after my 4 month old daughter has gone to bed! The deep calm fragrance is simply amazing, and EVERYONE asks what it is when they visit either my home or office as I burn the fragrance/candles.
I am SO glad I used your products. I have given muscle therapy to all members of my family and they swear by it!!
Hi I just wanted to get in touch to tell you how fantastic I think your cleanser is, I am amazed. I bought the cleanser as a treat to myself with my Boots points. It is the same price as my current cleanser (Decleor) and I fancied trying something different. I liked the idea that This Works uses natural products and all the products smelt delicious so I bought the cleanser. I used it that evening before bed and it felt great, my skin felt really clean afterwards and felt slightly \'zingy\'. The shock came in the morning when I looked in the mirror. My skin looked fresh and plump, like I had slept for at least 8 hours (I have a 20 month old and 4 month old boy, so this is unheard of!). My forehead creases had completely disappeared and I looked so fresh I didn’t\'t need to wear foundation (again, unheard of!). Since using this cleanser a couple of friends have commented on how my skin looks fresher, I have sung your praises completely. Thank you for this amazing product. I am saving my points for the toner and moisturiser next, imagine how great I will look when I start using those as well. Very best wishes.
I am a beauty junkie who has wasted too much money over time on so called hype products. I'm a convert to This Works, because I've never been anything other than thrilled with EVERYTHNG I have tried. And I can't say that about any other brand. Do not even consider getting on a long haul flight without the Travel kit. This will save your skin and your state of mind. First Class stuff, even back in Economy!
I just wanted to say thank you so much for the impressive service – I only order my ‘Perfect Legs Skin Miracle’ yesterday, so really pleased with your quick delivery. The colour is lovely and it smells gorgeous!