Modern Women Panel

The title 'This Works' is only awarded to products that deliver on their promise, without compromising wellbeing or the environment.

When Kathy Phillips launched This Works back in 2003 she asked a group of testers to try the products to be sure they felt the same way as she did about her new range.

The unanimous response was “this works” and that is how the brand got its name.

Today we still believe that the customer is the ultimate judge. To make sure every new product lives up to its promise we have brought together a panel of modern women to test and evaluate the formulations during the development process. Our testers are a rotating group of women of all ages and from all over the UK.

Each new product is sent to them together with a simple set of questions which will tell us if we have created another award-winning formulation. If not, then we keep going until they say “this works”.




We don't launch a product until our
panel of Modern Women says
'This Works'