Bed Sleep Hygine

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the skin is exposed to external aggressors 24/7, such as stress, pollution and UV, toxin build-up, lack of sleep, a poor diet, however, our skin has a built-in system, controlled by our body clock, for repairing and protecting to enable it to cope.

For example, at night the skin is programmed to produce new cells and repair any damage.  During the day, the skin’s body clock is quite literally ‘set’ to protect itself and more.

But when out body clock is disrupted due to lifestyle choices such as international travel or insufficient sleep our health and well-being can be affected and this also controls the way our skin functions.

Take a look at what is happening to your skin through the day.


the night phase

Anti-inflammatory and anti-stress hormones are released. Water loss through the skin is at its highest. Melatonin, the sleep hormone and growth hormone levels peak and stem cells reproduction occurs.

Beautiful skin starts with a good night’s sleep as it’s during this period of physical and mental rest that your skin moves into repair mode.

24hr solution: SLEEP

Deep Sleep and Sleep Plus pillow sprays optimise the sleep phase, Deep Sleep Bath & Body offers a relaxing night time ritual pre-sleep.


the wake up phase

On waking your skin is at its most dehydrated due to overnight water loss and your skin barrier function could be impaired. DNA repair is less active and skin is susceptible to damage from UV.

24hr solution: PROTECT

In Transit rehydrates and helps to repair weakened skin, reduces inflammation and protects skin from external aggressors, whilst stress check counterbalances the effects the effects of stress and the environment on the skin, mind and body from the moment you wake.


the daytime phase

Hydration levels increase throughout the day, oil (sebum) production peaks in afternoons. DNA repair takes place in the early evening, when we frequently experience tiredness and lack of energy.


Tailor your daytime skincare needs with This Works ranges Light Time, Skin Deep, No Wrinkles Day, Perfect and Energy Bank to boost radiance, even skin tone, de-age, perfect and energise, supporting skin throughout the day...

Throughout the day your skin’s hydration levels, oil production and DNA repair will fluctuate, this along with your lifestyle will dictate the targeted skin support you need..


the evening phase

This is the prelude to sleep when hydration levels are at their highest, DNA repair is boosted and skin is most receptive to treatments. The sleep hormone melatonin begins to rise a few hours before bedtime.

24hr Solutions: DETOX & RENEW

Clean skin cleansers remove all toxins to boost overnight repair. No Wrinkles Night and Sleep Plus body support skin reparation overnight.