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Kathy’s New Year message…

Shock horror – I’m starting the New Year without any resolutions.  Am I the only one who feels bombarded by diets and exercise programmes? And haven’t we all got a lot of leftover cakes and cheeses to finish up? I had rather too much homemade Stilton and Broccoli soup last night and I don’t want to think about the calorie count on that.

On the positive side, over the Christmas weeks I have been testing out This Works no wrinkles wonder essence which debuts at the end of the month and I love it.  It was inspired by all my travelling to the Far East (an Essence is a regular part of a skin care regime in Korea, China and Japan) and I find it both uncomplicated and enhancing at the same time.

no wrinkles wonder essence

NEW no wrinkles wonder essence – coming soon…

I’m also thrilled that my best friend Pam, who is one of our testers, says she can’t wait to buy it when it comes on the market. She has replaced her former night cream with a dab or two of Wonder Essence and says her (slightly oily) skin is really benefitting. It has an exfoliation without scrubbing action that takes place while you’re sleeping plus a moisturising effect. And now that every product needs to be a multi-tasker, it also tightens pores, balances sebum levels and works at fading age spots.

Exciting too is the prospect of a completely new This Works range, which will launch in spring. This was also inspired in some way by today’s mad, fast-paced lifestyle and my desire for practicality and simplicity in everything.  Watch this space…

It is the same with clothes. Who wants to struggle into clothes that are too tight or shoes that are too high? I want to be able to move fast. Hence, how I persuaded myself to buy some flat McQueen boots in the Sale. I made myself believe they were really practical…

Happy New Year to you all.
Best wishes

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New Launch – Eight hours sleep in a bottle…

New No Wrinkles Night Repair

This month we are introducing an innovation in natural anti-ageing skincare – no wrinkles night repair.

This revolutionary product stimulates the skin’s night-time reparations, leaving you with the soft glow of eight hours’ sleep – no matter how much you’ve had.

We often talk about the importance of a good night’s sleep for your mental and physical wellbeing. But here’s the secret: sleep is absolutely crucial for the health of your skin. Glycotoxins build up in the epidermis of the skin if you don’t get enough sleep, leading to symptoms of skin fatigue like the appearance of eye bags, dark circles, drawn features and a dull looking complexion. At night, the important process of tackling glycotoxins takes place   But with our busy lives, getting enough sleep isn’t always possible. So we’ve introduced no wrinkles night serum with Persian Silk Tree Extract as the next best thing, designed to kick-start the reparation process so you wake up looking refreshed and with a youthful radiance, regardless of when you went to bed.

Our Testing Panel loved the product and told us they saw visible results within 28 days. Here’s what some of them said:

“I am always being told that I look younger than before! It’s an amazing product.”


“After about 2 weeks my other half told me that the serum must be working as my skin looked great…”


“The product was easy to apply and I found that a little went a long way.  It absorbed easily leaving my skin feeling soft and moisturised and it gave my skin a healthy glow in the morning, even if I had not had the best night’s sleep. It was easily incorporated into my nightly routine making it a stress free product. I would highly recommend it.’’

Get your eight hours sleep in bottle – Find out more

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Fleur de Force reviews our clean skin 5-in-1 water and says “This is honestly the BEST makeup remover I’ve ever used.

A bold statement I know! It removes your eye makeup in a few swipes, and leaves the skin feeling smooth and refreshed. No redness, no irritation and as an extra bonus, it has a lovely, delicate scent.”


click here to read the full review.

click here to see another video on clean skin 5-in-1 water.

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Perfect eyes – the perfect way to cheer up

It is a truth universally acknowledged that most women sometimes need a good cry. Whether were upset about something or not, I’ve long believed that crying is a healthy way to free up the tension introduced by modern life.

Sometimes I just don’t stop, working really hard for weeks on end and with every spare moment spent busy with friends and family. The absence of “me time”, the strain of rushing around without much opportunity to relax, can build to a crescendo, ending in a good old cry. Been there? Of course you have, because it’s life! And it’s exhausting! Crying can sometimes feel like the only way to release stress.

There are also, of course, significant events – arguments, bad break-ups, bereavements – that serve as emotional triggers for crying. I’m sure many of us have felt drained after days of sobbing following heartbreak for example. Luckily, the old adage that time heals all wounds is true, but it is important to have little perks that pull us together in the shorter term…

A long dog walk often does it for me, especially if there’s a breeze and the sun is out. There is something very uplifting about being in nature. Sometimes it’s music, a decent session singing along to the greatest hits of Whitney Houston, or playing air guitar to Prince (long live the ’80s!). Other times, I’ll crave a glass of red wine and a hot aromatherapy bath, the perfect combination to pamper me inside and out.

We all have our creature comforts that sort us out when weve been crying, but whatever yours is, make sure it is soothing. Sleep is integral to our mental and physical wellbeing, so rest is always my priority when I feel blue. If you dont feel good, you certainly won’t look good – think puffy eyes, dark circles and dull skin. Skincare products full of natural actives that heal and reduce inflammation, like Aloe Vera and Arnica, are a good start to combating the physical effects of crying.

As someone who has suffered insomnia, I do know however that getting enough beauty sleep isn’t always easy. Realising this, we’ve brought out our own quick fix “crying cream” that de-puffs and revives cried-out and tired eyes with Aloe Vera, Arnica and Cucumber. This cooling formula instantly revives your eye area and brightens the face. We all need to cry sometimes, so we figured its good to help you prepare.

What’s your answer to crying and feeling sad? Whether its a spa day, a good film or a lovely meal out, were interested to know what your perfect cheer up would be.

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Effective skincare – new clean skin range

This Works’ philosophy for effective skincare begins with a comprehensive cleansing and toning routine, to give your skin the best start (and end) to the day. The new clean skin collection offers hassle-free cleansing, leaving you with balanced, refreshed and more luminous skin.

clean skin refining toner: A clarifying pore-refining toner with Velvet Flower for added radiance. Rosehip essential oil, rich in Vitamin A as well as anti-bacterial Frankincense and Eucalyptus helps to truly clean and soften the skin.

clean skin gentle cleanser: A luxury wash-off cleanser rich in Rosehip oil leaves skin hydrated. Rosehip essential oil, rich in Vitamin A as well as anti-bacterial Frankincense and Eucalyptus helps to truly clean and soften the skin.

Beauty Blogger, Gemma says, “The packaging claims that this is non drying, which I would agree with. It leaves me squeaky clean but without the annoying tight feeling that leaves you running for your moisturiser as soon as your skin dries. It smells lovely, very grown up and spa-like.” 

clean skin 5 – in -1 water : A multi-tasking rosewater cleanser that effectively removes make-up, decongests and brightens. Rosewater and fruit-packed botanical waters help shed skin cells and boost elasticity.

Blogger, libertylondongirl says, “I am using This Works’ clean skin 5 – in -1 water £21, which is hydrating and leaves absolutely no pore-blocking residue on the skin.”