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Some news for you

Our products have been mentioned on Gwyneth Paltrow’s blog – no wrinkles get started, perfect look super moisture, no wrinkles active serum, deep calm bath and shower gel, skin deep dry leg oil and really rich firming lotion are all products that Gwyneth uses.

“A British brand that mixes in natural, high-quality ingredients into all of its formulas. Their No Wrinkles Get Started is a little anti-ageing starter pack, with a super moisturizer and an active anti-wrinkle serum. They also make a lavender-infused relaxing bath gel that I love, an excellent oil for dry legs, and a super-rich moisturizer, which I use” says Gwyneth Paltrow.

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Style council

Style Council

This Works Style Council is a group of influential opinion leaders who have something to say about the world and who have a keen eye for all things stylish.

 Kathy Phillips is International Beauty Director for Condé Nast Asia (working with all their titles: Vogue, “W” Self, Vogue Girl and Allure). She spent seven years at Vogue as Health and Beauty Director and is also Founder and Creative Director of This Works.



Catherine Havercroft, 26, works in the beauty industry for The Communications Store. Prior to her current role, Catherine held various positions in the fashion industry for a number of high profile luxury brands including Diane Von Furstenberg and Matches, and studied History of Art at university, fuelling her passion for all things creative. Catherine lives in Camden, London with three friends.


Bruce Pawsey is an Artist manager who has worked in the music industry for the past 25 years. He has performed in a variety of roles; having been a band member in several signed acts as well as Tour manager, working with pop heavy weights such as Britney Spears, Bjork and the Sugababes. Now with his own UK based management company- Barbian, Bruce’s current client roster includes multi-million selling diva Tina Arena.


Stirling Murray, with over 30 years’ international experience of building business and brands in the global beauty industry runs The Red Tree, a consultancy specialising in the beauty and personal care markets. The Red Tree works with a wide range of international businesses from start-ups to €250m companies. Stirling is a frequent speaker at beauty and spa conferences and is a guest lecturer in Marketing at the London College of Fashion.

Mina Holland is a writer and author contributing to publications like The Guardian, The Observer,, TRVL, The Arbuturian and Fire and Knives. Her first book, The Edible Atlas, will be published by Canongate in 2014. Prior to becoming a creative, she worked in advertising agencies, launching re-brands and overseeing creative output. She came on board as This Works’ copywriter in 2012 and is a passionate believer in natural beauty products.

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Natural Actives that really work!

Kathy Phillips and Psychologies beauty director Emine Ali Rushton have the following to say about Natural Actives that really work:

1. “Rosehip seed oil. Contains vitamin C, beta-carotenes, bioflavonoids and hyaluronic acid. It’s great for reducing the appearance of scarrig, reducing pigmentation and regenerating skin. Studies have found it to be both anti-inflammatory and good free-radical scavenger.”  As found in clean skin gentle cleanser.

2. “Lavender. The highest quality blend is Lavandula angustifolia, which is grown in the south of France,. It heals sunburn, grazes and burns, dries spots, takes away the itch of mosquito bites and repels the insects. Research carried out by Dr David Stretch of Leicester University found that it aids sleep, too.” As found in deep sleep pillow spray.

3. “Palmarosa. Acknowledged as one of the best essential oils for anti-ageing. Some companies use palmarosa but take out the geraniol in it (to make it cheaper, or because it can sensitise reactive skins), but it’s the esters in the geraniol that are cell regenerating.”

4. “Clary Sage. ‘Almost hormone-like or steroidal in its potential,’ says aromatherapist Penny Price, Top-grade clary sage contains about 75 percent linalyl acetate, the anti-inflammatory properties of which are considered to balance the nervous system.”

5. “Roman Camomile. Among the many varieties of camomile, it is this one that the experts choose. Renowned for its anti-inflammatory effects it is therefore good in skincare as a nurturing, calming presence.” As found in deep sleep bath soak.

6. “Sodium hyaluronate. Though previously thought too large in its molecular size, recent research has proved that hyaluronic acid can penetrate the skin. Beacuase it is able to hold up to 200 times its weight in water, it can therefore hydrate all skin layers.”

7. “Larch extract. New research about this polysaccharide from North American larch trees caused excitement. It has been the subject of clinical trials, which consequently proved that it had a tightening and moisturing effect on the skin.” As found in perfect cleavage firming lotion.

8. “Stem cells. The plant stem cells of Swiss apple are the latest ‘buzz’ preparation. Patent-pending, this won an innovation prize in 2008 as best active ingredient. Rich in epigenetic factors and metabolites, it’s thought to protect the longevity of stem cells, therefore combating ageing.”

9. “Vitamin A. Retinol is a form of the antioxidant vitamin A. Retin A, the acid form of vitamin A, is effective not only in treating acne but in softening and minimising wrinkles and slowing skin ageing.” As found in no wrinkles extreme moisturiser.

10. “Probiotics. The actives in probiotic skincare are different from the probiotics used for digestive health. They tend to be derived from proteins and are designed to penetrate the epidermis, to promote skin cell health and some are designed to work on the skin surface to create a healthy skin barrier.”

* As featured in Psychologies.